A Beginner’s Guide to Pro Controls in Fight Night Champion

Fight Night Champion All Punching Controls Guide

Mastering the Art of Boxing With A Beginner’s Guide to Controls in Fight Night Champion.

Fight Night Champion All Punching Controls Guide

From bobbing and weaving to unleashing vicious haymakers, dominating the ring in Fight Night Champion requires mastery of nuanced controls. Let’s review the key punches, modifiers and maneuvers new pugilists need to prevail.

Full Spectrum Punch Controls Explained

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At the core of FNC’s immersive boxing engine lies the Full Spectrum Punch Control system. This empowers you to fluidly throw any strike simply by flicking the right stick in different directions.

Upwards flicks deliver crisp straights. Sideways flicks unleash hooks sweeping across your opponent’s jaw. And downward flicks generate thudding uppercuts targeting the chin. Combining angles enables hybrid punches like deadly accurate hookercuts. These are a combination between a uppercut and hook punch.

The elegance of FSPC is its depth for your boxer. Flick faster to throw quicker jabs, or slower for massively damaging overhands. Vary punch origins and trajectories mid-combo to dazzle defences. An orchestra of violence is at your fingertips.

Modifiers for Body Shots and Heavy Hits

To target the body rather than head, hold the left trigger while punching. Forward leans enhance body blow effectiveness, while backward leans maintain upstairs power. This modifier is crucial for sapping your foe’s stamina and will.

If that’s not enough, hold the right bumper while punching to throw devastating, stamina-draining heavy shots. Time these wisely, as speed suffers. But whiplash haymakers spell lights out for the reckless. Just by simply holding down R2 (PlayStation) or RT on Xbox, you’ll activate the power punch modifier to hit your opponents with a hard shot.

Button Alternatives for Simple Combos

Of course, button punching is still effective using X/Square for jabs, Y/Triangle for hooks and B/Circle for uppercuts. The same lean and heavy shot modifiers apply. Find the style that clicks, then drill combinations relentlessly.

For the best results, try only using square or X for your jab and for all other punches use the full spectrum feature. This will make you a better player in the long-run and it’s quick to get use to as well.

Footwork Fundamentals to Dictate the Pace

FNC Controls And Tactics Guide

Angling the left stick while punching enables crafty footwork and devious feints. Dance outside your opponent’s range then lunge forward unleashing a vicious stepping punch when they’re off balance. Mastering distance and angles is paramount.

For the best footwork, you’ll want to go to your gym and train/practice moving around the ring away from the opponent. Moving clockwise and anti-clockwise to the opposite way your opponent goes is the key here.

Mastering Counter Punching to Seize Control

Finally, perhaps most vital of all is mastering counter punching. Slip or block incoming blows with the right stick then respond with surgical precision. Nothing is more devastating than catching a brazen aggressor mid-assault and making them pay the price. Counter punches do far more damage that any other punch, especially combined with a power punch modifier.

This is the exact way you’ll end up getting the 1 punch KO in boxing fights online and in the career mode. The results when pulled off are absolutely devastating and you’ll be dominating everyone you face in the ring in no-time!

Have Patience and Practice Until You’re Perfect

These advanced techniques separate the pretenders from the truly elite. Learn them well through Road to Champion, then carry over hard-won skill into online bouts and build your legend. Mastery awaits through practice and perseverance.

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In time, you’ll effortlessly blend footwork, feints, bodywork and counters into a dynamic, adaptable style all your own. From flashy speedster to iron-chinned brawler, the choice is yours. Will you reign with style like Prince Naseem or conquer through relentless pressure like Julio Cesar Chavez?

Fight Night Champion offers a rich tapestry of strategic depth via its controls. Have patience on the punishing road to supremacy. Train hard under Roxy’s guidance until movements become reflex, combinations natural as breathing. The boxing geniuses at EA have made a fantastic timeless video game that captures the true identity of the sport.

When you are ready, step into the ring against Isaac Frost or online icons and showcase evolved form. The tools are yours to unleash elegant violence. Now begin the satisfying journey to master an enthralling sweet science. Glory awaits anyone dedicated to the craft. So step up, and throw down.

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