How to Defeat Isaac Frost in Fight Night Champion

Fight Night Champion How To Beat Isaac Frost
Fight Night Champion How To Beat Isaac Frost

Isaac Frost, the antagonist in EA’s Fight Night Champion, is one of the toughest opponents in the game. Here are some tips and techniques to take him down:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Rounds 1-2: Focus on Surviving

FNC Rounds 1-2

In the first two rounds, survival is key. Do not try to knock him out yet. Listen to your trainer’s advice to land body shots which will slow Frost down over time. However, avoid close-range fighting in these early rounds – keep your distance, use footwork to avoid getting cornered or caught against the ropes. Staying away from his power will be critical.

Rounds 3-5: Attack the Body

FNC Rounds 3-5

In these middle rounds, begin targeting Frost’s body more frequently when openings allow it. Your trainer will advise landing 75 total body shots, which will sap Frost’s stamina gradually. You don’t need to throw only power body shots – regular ones will get the job done. Conserve your own energy as well. An in-and-out approach works best here – move in, land shots, then get out of danger.

Rounds 6-7: Protect Your Cut, Stay Defensive

FNC Rounds 6-7

After getting a bad cut, the focus returns to survival. You can only take 8 headshots per round now before losing by stoppage. Keep your guard high and don’t take risks. You’re faster with your guard down so you can drop it to move away when at a safer distance. The goal is minimising damage while further wearing down Frost.

Round 8: Attack Aggressively (Go For The KO)

FNC Round 8 Knockout

In the final round, you can safely go all-out offensively. Frost should be exhausted and weakened. Throw vicious combinations without letting up. Vary your strikes high and low while pressing forward relentlessly. Stay busy and don’t allow him a moment’s rest. If you stick to the game plan in the early rounds, Frost will crumble under this final assault and you can get the knockout.

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