Sneak Into Dimitri Vegas’ Lair in New Hitman 3 DLC

Hitman World of Assassination New Dimitri Vegas Mission

Fans Get A Sneak Peek at Dimitri Vegas’ Glitzy New Hitman Mission Via A Gamescom 2023 Trailer.

Hitman World of Assassination New Dimitri Vegas Mission

A pulsating bass pounds as neon lights flash across sweat-slicked bodies swaying hypnotically on the dancefloor. But behind the thumping hedonism looms something more sinister in Agent 47’s sights – The Drop himself, global superstar Dimitri Vegas.

IO Interactive has peeled back the curtain on the upcoming Dimitri Vegas x Hitman collaboration with an electrifying new Gamescom trailer. While sparse on details, the footage offers a tantalising first look at the glamorous new mission coming free to all Hitman 3 owners this October.

Hitman The Drop Mission Reveal Trailer

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Longtime fans will immediately recognise the familiar tropical locale of Club Hölle, previously featured in Hitman Blood Money. But Dimitri Vegas’ presence looks set to inject an enticing new energy into the location. Revelers part seamlessly as the Belgian DJ prowls through adoring crowds, his larger-than-life persona dominating the room.

Of course, not all is as it seems with Mr. Vegas. Here he assumes the role of The Drop, a prominent figure in Ibiza’s seedy underbelly whose prominence extends far beyond the decks. To infiltrate his inner circle, Agent 47 will need to navigate heightened security to catch this dilettante of danger alone and vulnerable.

The trailer depicts a much darker side to the neon-bathed paradise. Henchmen stand sentry at every turn, and danger lurks beneath the surface alongside thumping basslines. Ultimately at the heart of it all looms Dimitri himself, clutching a sinister golden mask, his voiceover promising intoxicating new heights.

Nightclub style level will give fans hours of fun

Hitman 3 The Drop

Fans have been eager for details on the collaboration since it was first teased earlier this year. While secrets remain, the footage provides some intriguing clues. The nightclub itself appears radically transformed from its prior incarnation, flush with state-of-the-art lighting sure to provide plenty of creative opportunities.

And brief glimpses of the dancefloor reveal partygoers wearing Dimitri’s iconic lion mask – perhaps even your ticket to an audience with the man himself. However Agent 47 gains access, it’s sure to be an electrically charged encounter.

IO Interactive has succeeded in capturing the world’s imagination with the game’s best-in-class stealth sandbox. Now they aim to capitalise on that momentum with ambitious crossovers like this. Judging from the trailer, Dimitri Vegas looks poised to join the vaunted ranks of Hitman’s most flamboyant targets yet.

Soon we’ll step behind the velvet rope to discover what secrets lurk beneath the glamour. One thing is certain – The Drop won’t go down without a fight. Agent 47 accepts his deadliest missions with cool calculation. But this could be his wildest night out yet.

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