Agent 47 Returns, Hitman: Blood Money Reprisal Announced

Hitman Blood Money – Reprisal for Mobile and Switch
Hitman Blood Money – Reprisal for Mobile and Switch

In celebration of developer IO Interactive’s 25th anniversary, the studio has announced a remastered version of the classic 2006 Hitman title Blood Money. Titled Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal, the updated stealth action game will bring Agent 47’s deadly talents to mobile devices and Nintendo Switch for both newcomers and veteran fans to enjoy.

While IO Interactive’s recent Hitman trilogy succeeded as a soft reboot of the storied assassin franchise, earlier entries like Blood Money still hold deep nostalgic value for long-time devotees. Lauded as a revolutionary release at the time, Blood Money introduced mainstay features like human shields and weapon upgrades that modernised the tactical stealth sandbox gameplay.

Official Hitman: Blood Money — Reprisal Trailer

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Reprisal looks to preserve that signature Hitman style while enhancing it for modern platforms. The action-packed trailer showcases the remaster’s gorgeous visual improvements and hints at quality-of-life additions to improve accessibility.

Some of these new player-friendly options include an Instinct Mode similar to recent titles in the series, that provides intuitive guidance and a persistent mini-map for navigating the expansive levels. With 12 huge sandbox environments, Blood Money encouraged creative problem-solving, providing myriad ways to eliminate targets stealthily or aggressively. Reprisal will retain that freeform design while empowering players with helpful tools.

Reprisal launches on mobile this fall with full controller, keyboard, and customisable touchscreen support so gamers can tailor controls to their preferences on the go. The remaster then hits Nintendo Switch this winter, opening up Agent 47’s missions for portable play or big screen action.

Hitman Blood Money — Reprisal A revitalised classic

By modernising a stone-cold classic, the game lets veterans revisit Blood Money’s intricately designed worlds while introducing rookies to Hitman’s satisfying stealth sandboxes. It could pave the way for more iconic franchise entries to receive mobile and Switch ports if successful.

While IO Interactive previously stated Agent 47 was on hiatus after the new trilogy, remasters like Reprisal give fans their assassination fix. Developer love for the series’ history uplifts Blood Money’s creative open-ended design for new platforms and audiences.

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With its memorable locations, abundant content, and replayable challenges, Blood Money epitomises stealth level craft. Reprisal resurrects that gold standard, upgrading visuals but retaining the trademark gameplay purity of tactical creativity, choice, and expression that defines IO Interactive‘s legacy.

Hitman: Blood Money — Reprisal is scheduled for a release this fall for Mobile Devices and this winter for Nintendo Switch.

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