GLN Hitman HD Trilogy Review

Hitman HD Trilogy Review

The Hitman HD Trilogy bundles together Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Contracts, and Hitman: Blood Money, providing enhanced HD versions of these classic titles from last generation. Developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix, this remastered collection revisits the roots of the series while providing a high-definition facelift to the classic titles. While not a fully comprehensive collection due to the absence of the original Hitman: Codename 47, it offers a chance to revisit some seminal moments in the iconic stealth franchise’s history. This is my personal take that’s reviewed on the Xbox 360 version of the game.


The Hitman series has always been driven by its narratives, with the enigmatic Agent 47 at the heart of gripping stories full of intrigue. The stories here, especially in Blood Money, remain as compelling as ever, even if the cinematic presentation feels dated next to modern games. Fans of the lore and world of Hitman will enjoy revisiting these iconic story moments that shaped the franchise.

Graphics and Visuals

When I first loaded up the HD Trilogy and booted up Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, I was immediately struck by how well the graphics held up even over a decade later. The HD visuals sharpened textures beautifully while retaining the classic look and feel. Though the character models remain unchanged, backgrounds and environments positively pop with colour in 720p. This was the first big disappointment in my eyes, i was hoping for the full 1080p experience and to only get 720p was a bit of a let-down.

As I played through this classic that defined the Hitman formula years ago, I reveled in minor visual touches like shadows and lighting that brought levels like the Indian Palace Hotel to life.

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Moving on to Hitman: Contracts, the cold environments seemed especially enhanced by high definition. Whether carefully sneaking through a Meat King slaughterhouse or boldly striding through the Rotterdam canals, I was impressed by the wider field of view thanks to widescreen support.

Sound Design

The musical scores by Jesper Kyd are excellent across the board, even if sometimes the audio quality sounds slightly tinny. David Bateson’s iconic voicework as Agent 47 also continues to impress. The sound design has always been a strength of the series and that remains true here. I noticed that the sound in the overall trilogy of titles hasn’t been tweaked at all that much, which surprised me to be honest. I thought that they could of added in a few easter eggs or something but that was not the case.


Core Hitman gameplay remains focused on stealth, observation, planning, and improvisation. This is what makes these entries stand out, and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

The emphasis is less on simply reaching the end than creatively eliminating targets. Blood Money offers the most freedom and options, with its open-ended level design and world interaction. However, i noticed that the controls and AI feel outdated in the earlier games, making Blood Money the standout.

As i said at the start, this review is more than ten years later after the title was released, so you can probably grab it for a bargain price now. It is worth considering though, as its been more than a decade the graphics in my opinion have aged quite badly.


Hitman HD Trilogy - Agent 47 Gameplay
Agent 47 preparing an assassination

There’s not much replay value, but with three sizeable games the collection offers at least 30 hours of content. The inclusion of the separate Hitman: Sniper Challenge mode also adds lasting value for achievement hunters, and considering i’m reviewing this on the Xbox 360 version, the Sniper Challenge mode is well worth a look at.

Comparison to Metal Gear Solid

The go-to comparison here is really easy, Metal Gear Solid is definitely the competitor here and not only are they both stealth titles, but they’re extremely similar all-round. Unlike the combat-heavy MGS, Hitman focuses purely on stealth mechanics, offering sprawling levels full of creative options to eliminate targets indirectly. Where MGS provides set pieces and cinematic action, Hitman gives freedom in accomplishing objectives. However, the outdated design in earlier games puts Blood Money most on par with modern MGS titles.

My Verdict

The Hitman HD Trilogy captures seminal moments in the iconic franchise’s history. While the visual upgrades modernise the presentation, the gameplay and systems feel dated in the earlier games. Nonetheless, Blood Money stands the test of time as a stealth masterwork on par with Metal Gear. I played for over 40+ hours and i had so much fun. Fans will enjoy the HD remasters, but Absolution or the upcoming Blood Money Reprisal remaster remains the best entry point for newcomers.

Hitman HD Trilogy Review
hitman hd trilogy review

Embark on a nostalgic stealth journey with the Hitman HD Trilogy, remastered classics for Xbox 360. Check out my review on the game here.

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Editor's Rating:


  • Extremely Cheap
  • 3 titles in one with Blood Money being the standout
  • There's loads of content and side missions


  • 50Hz Issues Plague the gameplay
  • No 1080p support, (720p only)
  • Clunky controls

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