PS4 Rumours Circulate

There are a vast amount of rumours that are circulating around on the world wide web regarding the arrival of the PS4. Sony have set up a mystery meeting in new York City to announce the future of the video games console.

That has started up gossip on the Internet about a possible unveiling of a next generation console machine being the Sony PlayStation 4. There is also a YouTube video that has been posted that specifically leaks that the PS4 is imminent.

Sony has sent out numerous invited to people for their meeting on February 20th which is when the special announcement will be made by the digital giant. So far though, Sony have refused to comment on such rumours and say that people will soon find out what is going on.

Social networking websites have gone crazy over the past few days and the gossip hasn’t stopped on them either. We covered this rumour ourselves about a month ago, but the introduction of the new video is what we wanted to share with our readers.

Do you think that Sony will unveil the new PlayStation 4 at their special meeting they have arranged? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments box below.

Sony PS4

Sony PS4

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