Don’t Install PS3 Firmware Update, It’ll Crash Your Console

Sony PS3 Firmware Update

Sony Computer Entertainment have just released a brand new Firmware update for the PlayStation 3. Everything is not all it seems though, as update 4.45 has had a number of issues reported by numerous gamers since it went live.

The update in general is very minor and unimportant, it simply turns off the trophy notifications when users are playing a game. A post that was recently published in the community PlayStation forums has become into a now, large thread with hundreds of PlayStation users unhappy with their console becoming unusable.

We strongly recommend and advise you not to install the latest firmware update or you may be subject to these bugs and issues. What’s being reported the most concerning the error, is gamers are turning on the PS3 console after installing the update, and then never making it past the PS3 logo after rebooting.

There is a fix however, gamers can switch out the hard drive in your PS3 and this will resolve everything, but it’s not advised. The best course of action is to simply not install the software altogether. Sony will no doubt resolve this issue there-selves, it’s only a matter of time. When? We can’t tell you, but we’d have thought that the gaming giants would want to sort out this issue as soon as possible.

Stay up to date with us here at GLN and we’ll post any information and all the details and news as they come in from Sony.

Sony PS3 Firmware Update
Sony PS3 Firmware Update

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