PS3 firmware update 4.40 Goes Live

PS3 Firmware Update

Sony Computer Entertainment have published a very special listing which involves the PS3 firmware update 4.40. The update is now live and ready for PlayStation 3 owners to download whenever they want to.

Some of the major differences and improvements stand out! One being the new ability to download from the actual online store to their PS3 console. Stability improvements have also been initiated by Sony via this update.

Gamers will have the option to download bought content from the Sony Entertainment Network. The actual service will be available at some point in the month of May. There’s also to be a rather informative guide for the firmware update so that users can get to grip with all it’s features.

Firmware update 4.40 also allows PlayStation 2 owners to use CECHYA-0088, CECHYA-008 and CECHYA-0086 for the support of stereo headsets. This means that all the PS2 video games will now be compatible after downloading from the official PlayStation store.

PS3 Firmware Update
PS3 Firmware Update

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