Resident Evil 2 Remake Still Supported in 2023 With Small Update

Resident Evil 2 Remake Update
Resident Evil 2 Remake Update

Four years since launch, Capcom’s acclaimed Resident Evil 2 remake receives a surprise content refresh adding Spanish language options alongside miscellaneous fixes. While no major additions, this maintenance highlights Capcom’s enduring care for the survival horror classic, which impressively terrorised a new generation in January 2019.

Ongoing Minor Patches For Resident Evil 2 Remake Show Capcom’s Commitment

The remake realised long-held aspirations to reimagine the 1998 PlayStation masterpiece with modernised fidelity. Upon delivering, Resident Evil 2 won deserved critical acclaim for its atmospheric oppression and Mr. X’s imposing presence. Additional modes and difficulty options encouraged ongoing engagement.

While the package felt feature-complete at launch, Capcom issued various patches addressing bugs and other issues in the years since. This incremental support kept the remake feeling fresh, while fans awaited the next new Resident Evil experience.

Resident Evil 2 Patch Notes For 2023 Update

Steam– Added Latin American Spanish as a display language.
– Fixed achievements that weren’t displayed correctly in some languages.
– Fixed some bugs/issues.
PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X– Added Latin American Spanish as a display language.
– Fixed some bugs/issues.

The latest update brings Resident Evil 2 to Steam in Latin American Spanish, resolving language-specific achievement glitches and other minor quirks. Identical patch notes for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 versions reference the same stability improvements minus translation additions.

For most, fresh language localisation hardly feels momentous. Nonetheless, this update represents Capcom’s ongoing attentiveness to even completed projects. Their legacy titles clearly retain importance.

And Resident Evil 2’s remarkable remake exemplifies Capcom’s recent Resident Evil resurgence, making its veneration logical. Ongoing appreciation helps tide impatient fans over until inevitable future instalments.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Claire Redfield

Rumours suggest one such project could be a Code Veronica remake, resurrecting Claire and Chris’ virus outbreak adventure originally released in 2000. Capcom’s silence neither confirms nor denies, but remaking remaining classics feels logical.

More immediate speculation involves a Resident Evil 4 remake expansion remastering the acclaimed Separate Ways side story content. This could launch as paid DLC or a free update if leaks prove accurate. Regardless, enhancing modern remakes prolongs engagement.

So while relatively mundane on the surface, even minor Resident Evil 2 updates keep spirits and discussions alive. They signify Capcom’s continual Content enhancements and rework where possible, suggesting strong post-launch support sustains their slate of new Resident Evil projects.

Franchise passion persists on all sides. Capcom affirms their commitment through actions beyond words. While impatient for revelations of future survival horror gold, these quiet temporal offerings merit appreciation.

Resident Evil 2 Remake is available right now for the Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source – Capcom

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