Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Revive Your Broken Combat Knife

re4 remake combat knife

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, players can tackle enemies in several ways, but those who want to save ammo might rely on Leon’s Combat Knife instead. However, the Combat Knife is prone to breaking after prolonged use, which could put players in a tricky situation. But don’t worry, there’s a way to restore the knife to its former glory.

Mastering the Combat Knife (How To Use It)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Merchant

As players progress through RE4 Remake, they will encounter a variety of terrifying enemies. At the start of the game, the only weapons available to Leon are his SG-09 R pistol and his old trusted Combat Knife. These two tools can prove to be incredibly valuable in life-threatening situations. While a powerful shotgun can be obtained during Chapter 1, players who missed it will have to rely solely on the equipment Leon starts with until they reach Chapter 2.

Each weapon has its advantages and disadvantages. The pistol is limited in its ammunition, whereas the Combat Knife has a meter that shows its durability. While players can obtain pistol ammo while exploring the game world or crafting it, they need to put in more effort to keep the Combat Knife in good pristine condition.

Exploring the world in the game can yield substitutes for a broken Combat Knife. Kitchen Knives are a convenient replacement that can be found frequently, but the Combat Knife is much more dependable. Overusing most knives will eventually result in them breaking. Losing access to the Combat Knife means that Leon can no longer use it to take out enemies silently, deflect incoming attacks, or as a melee weapon. This can significantly increase the difficulty of some encounters, making them unnecessarily challenging.

Players should keep an eye on the Combat Knife’s durability, which is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. If the blade is near breaking, it’s essential to consider an alternative weapon or repair it if possible. In dire situations, players can also adjust the game’s difficulty settings to make combat more manageable.

Tips On How To Repair Leon’s Knife

Resident Evil 4 Remake Combat Knife Repair

In the event that the Combat Knife breaks while playing through Chapter 1, players will have to advance through the game until they reach Chapter 2, where they will encounter the Merchant. Unlike other non-playable characters, the Merchant is much more amiable and will let Leon peruse his inventory and buy whatever he has available.

The Merchant in Resident Evil 4 Remake is a friendly NPC who offers various wares to Leon, including the option to tune up and repair his gear. To repair a broken Combat Knife, players will need to spend 4,000 Pesetas. While this may seem costly, it is a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Players can visit the Merchant multiple times throughout the game to either upgrade or repair their weapons. From the Tune Up menu, players can boost the Combat Knife’s power and durability, making it an even more valuable tool in combat. If players don’t have enough money to upgrade or repair the Combat Knife during their initial encounter with the Merchant, they can always revisit him later in the game.

It’s as simple as that! Now you know exactly how to get the combat knife repaired and you can save all that ammo you’re gonna need later in the game. Make sure to check out our Resident Evil 4 page that will get update with tips and tricks on the zombie slasher weekly.

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