Zombie-Slaying 101: 15 Tips to Dominate Resident Evil 4 Remake

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The eagerly anticipated remake of Resident Evil 4 by Capcom has finally been released, and it is a fantastic rendition of the original game. With a number of intriguing changes and fresh additions, it is sure to keep both new and seasoned players of Resident Evil 4 engaged and challenged. The zombie title has already sold over 3 million copies and it’s not been out long so it’s very much the most popular video game out right now. To help players get started, we have compiled a list of 15 tips and tricks that we believe will be valuable for everyone, regardless of their level of experience with the game.

Ashley Healing Loophole

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, you have the option to choose between two stances for Ashley as she accompanies Leon. She can either remain close to him or try to find a safe place on her own and keep her distance from enemies.

However, it’s important to be careful as enemies can still reach her. If an enemy grabs her, you will see a specific icon appear, and you’ll need to shoot the enemy who’s carrying her quickly to disrupt the action and prevent a game over if they manage to escape. Additionally, there may be times when she gets injured, indicated by a yellow icon and a sitting animation.

To stabilise her, you must manually approach Ashley and press the button prompt, which takes a few seconds and leaves you both vulnerable to attacks. Nonetheless, if she isn’t attacked again, she can recover on her own after a brief period. It’s crucial to be aware of long-range attacks that could potentially miss Leon and hit Ashley instead.

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Teach Yourself To Evade & Parry ASAP

It’s crucial to master the art of parrying and evading as early as possible in the Resident Evil 4 remake. Unlike the original game, this version has fewer quick-time events, but there are still instances where you’ll need to press buttons promptly during combat.

With Leon’s knife or any other available knife, such as the boot knives you can find around the game, you can parry any melee attack. Alternatively, you can hold L1/LB to block an incoming attack. However, if you hit L1/LB just before the enemy strikes you, Leon will parry it away, causing the enemy to be momentarily stunned and open for a melee attack or quick takedown kill if you can quickly move behind them.

We recommend that you practice and learn the timing of this parry as soon as possible, especially on the game’s earlier enemies. Similarly, you’ll need to execute evades quickly by pressing Circle/B when prompted to do so. Thankfully, the game provides on-screen prompts to tell you when to parry or evade, making it easier to learn the timing of these defensive manoeuvres.

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Ashley & Leon Outfit Unlock

To change the outfits of both Leon and Ashley in the Resident Evil 4 remake, you must first complete the story mode at least once, just like in the original game. After doing so, go to the Extras tab on the main menu or pause screen and purchase the outfits from the Bonus Shop. Under the Apparel tab, you can see all the outfits you have unlocked so far. You can purchase them with the currency earned from completing challenges, similar to the in-game models.

It’s important to note that outfit changes can only be made from the main menu, while accessories can be changed during gameplay from the pause screen. If you’re searching for specific accessories, you can check the challenges list to see what the requirements are.

Don’t Sleep On The Shooting Range

The shooting range in the Resident Evil 4 remake has unique shooting range minigames that should not be ignored. You can access it through an elevator behind the Merchant several times throughout the game. The aim is to get the highest score by shooting pirate cutouts while avoiding sailors, as shooting them will cost you 500 points. You can earn bonus points by shooting pirate cutouts with a silver skull token.

Getting an S rank requires completing these objectives. Completing the shooting range objectives earns you silver and gold tokens, which can be used in the machine by the elevator. The Merchant’s dispenser rewards you with special ornaments that can be hung on your Attache Case. Each ornament provides unique bonuses such as ammo crafting boosts and knife repair discounts. You can hang up to three ornaments, and using gold tokens in the dispenser increases your chances of getting rarer ornaments.

Pay Attention To The Merchants Warnings!

Unlike the original game, the RE4 remake is structured into chapters, which may contain certain areas of no return. Although most areas will be familiar to returning players, these points of no return may not be recognisable.

The Merchant not only serves as a place to save your progress or purchase supplies, but he can also provide warnings about these instances. If the Merchant advises taking care of any unfinished tasks before proceeding, that means you are approaching a point of no return.

If you plan to complete all quests or collectables in one playthrough, consider creating a manual save as a backup. Otherwise, you may need to revisit these areas in a subsequent playthrough after finishing the game once.

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Use The Stealth Feature

The game introduces a new gameplay element where Leon can use stealth tactics to sneak up behind enemies and execute them with his knife. Although many combat scenarios in the game are frenzied and do not allow for stealth attacks, you can take advantage of opportunities where enemies are unaware of your presence. By crouching with Circle/B, you can silently approach enemies and take them down. This tactic is particularly effective against high-up crossbow users who can be challenging to eliminate during combat. It’s a quiet and efficient way to eliminate foes, so why not give it a try?

Make Use Of The Combat Knife

Prioritise investing in the combat knife in the Resident Evil 4 remake, as it is no longer just a secondary weapon but a crucial tool for survival throughout the game. With the absence of QTEs, parrying with the knife is now essential in battles, particularly in encounters such as the fight against Krauser. Upgrade the durability, speed, and damage of your combat knife as soon as possible at the merchant’s shop, while making occasional upgrades to your other weapons.

Parrying with the combat knife has been a game-changer for me, having saved me from many fatal attacks. Nonetheless, the knife is prone to breaking, especially in extended encounters. Thankfully, weaker knives dropped by enemies can serve as a backup plan. These knives, such as kitchen or boot knives, cannot be repaired but can still be utilised in moments of need. Alternatively, they can be sold for quick cash if you feel confident in your abilities.

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Hold off on Using Herbs Until You Can Combine Them

You’ll come across three types of herbs: green, which restores health, red, which boosts the effects of other herbs, and yellow, which increases your maximum health. When you’re in a tough spot, you might be tempted to use these herbs to heal, but it’s best to save them if you can.

That’s because combining herbs in this game makes them significantly more potent. Rather than using a single green herb to restore some health, you can hold onto it until you find another herb to combine it with. By doing this, you will be able to create medicine that’ll restore 3x the health of what a simple green herb would do, while also raising your maximum health. So, if you can hold off on using your herbs until you can combine them, it will be well worth it in the long run.

Make Sure to Deliver a Killing Blow to Your Enemies!

To confirm that an enemy is defeated, you must wait for them to drop an item that emits a faint yellow, red, green, or blue light, which appears when they fall to the ground. If you see this, it means the enemy is dead for good, and you can safely move on. However, if you don’t see any item drop, the enemy may revive or turn into a more dangerous Las Plagas creature.

That’s why it’s essential to deal a final blow to every enemy. Occasionally, an enemy might appear dead but will start wriggling on the ground. If you notice this, quickly approach them and press R2/RT to stab them in the throat with your knife. By doing so, you prevent them from transforming into a more dangerous foe.

Tempt Enemies To Fight Each Other

There are a larger number of special enemies which can be overwhelming. However, you can turn this to your advantage by tempting them into fighting each other. These enemies are usually aggressive and will charge at Leon or use weapons with a wide range.

To lure them into the midst of a group of enemies, circle around them and create a barrier between yourself and the special infected. Then, use a quick bait-and-switch tactic to get close enough for the special enemy to attack and take out everyone else, leaving you unscathed.

Land Critical Hits

Critical hits can be elusive, but they are well worth it if you can land one. You can increase your chances of scoring a critical hit by aiming for the head of most enemies. When you aim, the reticle may seem slightly wide, but it is still effective.

Wait a few seconds without moving your aim, and the reticle will zoom in a bit. However, if you move too much, the reticle will zoom back out. If you shoot an enemy while the reticle is zoomed in, your chances of getting a critical hit are greatly increased. While it may be difficult to pull off when fighting multiple enemies, this reticle zoom technique is worth a try if you have the jump on a few and want to take one out quickly.

Shoot The Crows!

It’s a simple but effective tip that you can use throughout your journey in Resident Evil 4. If you spot a crow, take a shot at it. These birds often drop around 300 Pesetas, which can add up quickly if you do it regularly.

This is extremely underrated and it will make it easier for you to upgrade Leon’s equipment. You’ll be able to hear the crows nearby, but be cautious as excessive movement or getting too close can frighten them off.

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Make Use Of Stun Grenades

Stun grenades are a crucial part of the game. They not only stun regular enemies, making them an easy target for a stealth kill or a melee stun, but they also instantly kill any enemy that has transformed into their Las Plagas-version.

These enemies are difficult to take down and deal significant damage. Instead of wasting ammo on them, simply toss a stun grenade, which will instantly kill them. Keep in mind that stun grenades aren’t readily available (although you can craft more), so we recommend using them on groups of two or more of these special enemies, if possible.

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Upgrade Any Weapon Of Your Choice

In RE4, there is a wide variety of weapons including pistols, shotguns, and more. As you progress through the game, you’ll come across different versions of these weapons. You may be hesitant to upgrade your initial weapons, especially if you’re aware that more potent weapons can be acquired or bought later on. However, there’s no need to worry!

If you upgrade a weapon and then sell it to the Merchant, you’ll receive money for both the weapon and the upgrades you made to it. Therefore, you should feel free to upgrade whichever weapons you choose, and when you’re ready to part with a weapon, you’ll get back the money you spent on its upgrades.

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