Resident Evil 4 Remake Freezer Power Puzzle Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake Freezer Power Puzzle Guide
Resident Evil 4 Remake Freezer Power Puzzle Guide

The Resident Evil 4 Remake poses a considerable challenge, particularly in Chapter 13, where gamers must grapple with a series of intricate computer power puzzles. The infamous freezer puzzle is amongst these, where players encounter the spine-chilling Regenerator enemies. You can follow along with this guide and we’ve even thrown in a video tutorial at the end in-case you need it.

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Before tackling the intricate freezer room computer terminal puzzle, players must unlock its door and acquire the necessary key card access to proceed further. The prime goal here is to liberate Ashley by securing the level 3 key card. However, you’ll need to solve a series of power and keycard conundrums first to secure level 1 and 2 door accesses. The computer power puzzles are among the most demanding of Resident Evil 4 Remake’s puzzles, requiring players to stay alert with Regeneradors on the loose.

How to Unlock the Freezer Door (Resolve Dissection Power Puzzle)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Freezer Computer Power Puzzle Solved

The freezer door is securely locked and necessitates a level 1 key card for access, coupled with a sufficient power supply. But before that, players must procure the level 1 key card from the Dissection zone and ensure it’s sufficiently powered.

To power up, direct your steps towards the Power Control Lever, situated in the side room to the right of the primary corridor located south of the freezer room. This will make the Dissection computer terminal operational.

Next, head back to the computer terminal placed outside the locked Dissection door to retrieve the level 1 key card. Players must employ the console to connect the power lines on the computer, ensuring power traverses from the exterior to the centre of the puzzle, hitting all the power spots marked by an electricity bolt.

To tackle the Dissection computer power puzzle, initiate from the exterior and proceed inward. Alter the orientation of the lines to complete the circuit via the correct route. The top-right corner of your screen will display a counter that signifies the number of completed and pending tasks, with 2 link-ups required to complete the puzzle. Push the button towards the right and hit confirm to conclude the puzzle and unlock the Dissection room door. You’ll find the level 1 key card at the rear of the room.

On leaving the Dissection room, you’ll encounter one of the Regenerador enemies of the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Players can opt to defeat or sidestep the enemy, but it’s recommended to eliminate it before more adversaries appear. Head back to the Power terminal to divert power to the freezer area. The level 1 key card can now be used to open the freezer room door.

How to Tackle the Freezer Power Puzzle (LE5 Weapon Location)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Power Terminal Map

Upon entering the freezer, there’s another computer terminal puzzle to resolve. Successfully solving this puzzle will unlock another secured freezer door, leading you to the LE5 assault rifle weapon, one of the best weapons in the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

The freezer computer puzzle bears a resemblance to the Dissection power puzzle, except it now requires 5 circuit lines to be connected. Players are advised to do this prior to obtaining the level 2 key card. Secure the LE5 assault rifle situated on the table inside the small adjoining freezer room and ensure your weapons are loaded, as things are set to become intense.

How to Secure the Level 2 Key Card

Resident Evil 4 Remake Level-2 Keycard

Now, it’s time to upgrade Leon’s level 1 key card to level 2. This can be done using the card machine at the rear of the freezer room. To acquire the level 2 key card, insert the level 1 card into the machine by selecting the ‘use’ option. However, as soon as players do this, a Regenerator bursts out from one of the hanging sacks in the room, while the card undergoes processing.

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Players have the choice to wait until the card is ready to collect, or they can take a stand and battle the Regenerator, targeting its vulnerable areas for a swift defeat. When the card is processed and ready for collection, the machine alerts with a beep and a voiceover indication. Upon collecting the level 2 key card, you complete the freezer puzzle, which subsequently enables Leon to unlock the door leading to the subsequent area.

RE4 Freezer Power Puzzle Video Tutorial

As the game advances, the challenges set by the Resident Evil 4 Remake intensify. The complex computer power puzzles in Chapter 13 test your gaming skills and strategising prowess to the core, ensuring a riveting gaming experience. Therefore, it’s crucial to stay focused, especially with the formidable Regeneradors lurking around.

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