Friday the 13th: The Game Ends with a Bang – Player Bonuses and Unlocks Galore

Friday the 13th The Game
Friday the 13th The Game

Gun Interactive, the brains behind the popular Friday the 13th: The Game, have declared a slew of in-game benefits, set to enthral the fans before the multiplayer game gets yanked off the virtual shelves. Just last month, it was declared that the game would no longer be available for sale from December 31st, 2023, owing to the expiration of the license agreement. That being said, players can still keep their virtual spirits high since the game’s servers have received a lease of life till the following year.

Friday the 13th: The Game – A Goodbye Packed with In-Game Surprises

The thrill of the game, that first made its appearance in 2017, stems from the 1980s slasher franchise, Friday the 13th. Developed by Illfonic, the online 4v1 survival game transports players into a nail-biting quest of surviving a night at Camp Crystal Lake, in the menacing company of the serial killer, Jason Voorhees. However, since its release, a bitter legal wrangle over the ownership of the Friday The 13th IP had a domino effect on Illfonic’s planned content roadmap, resulting in a halt in the production across the entire franchise.

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To the delight of fans, Gun Interactive has dropped a pleasant surprise with several in-game benefits. As per a Tweet on the official Friday The 13th Game account, the developer has confirmed that starting from July 6th, players will automatically find themselves on the lofty perch of level 150, the maximum cap for each player. This strategic move is aimed at reducing dependence on database servers.

Final Call to Action for Friday the 13th: The Game Fans – Grab those Trophies

Besides the level elevation, players can also lap up all of the base game kills, along with challenge skulls. To add to the excitement, all of the 30 legendary perks of Friday The 13th will be unlocked right from the word go and will no longer include any debuffs. This comes as a boon for players who are on a mission to bag any remaining trophies or achievements before the servers eventually shut shop.

Friday the 13th The Game Jason

Despite the bittersweet news of Friday The 13th: The Game’s curtain call, Gun Interactive is hell-bent on providing players with a thrilling experience before it bids adieu to the digital storefronts. To this end, the team has slashed the game’s price permanently to £3.99/$4.99 across all platforms with the accompanying DLC now available at a steal for $.99 each. If horror gaming is what you seek, then the Layers Of Fear Remake is definitely well worth your time.

On a different note, Gun Interactive has channelled its energy into creating the next asymmetrical horror game, inspired by the iconic Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. Slated for an August release and crafted by Sumo Digital, players will find themselves in a game of survival against the notorious Leatherface and his family, who are on a hunting spree against a team of four players.

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Currently, Friday the 13th: The Game can be accessed on Windows PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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