The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Out Now, Watch The Launch Trailer

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Out Now
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Out Now

After a blood-soaked hype cycle of trailers and reveals, Gun Interactive’s hotly anticipated The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game has finally revved its chainsaw into players’ hands today. Leatherface is ready to brutally welcome victims to his house of horrors across console and PC. A launch trailer was also dropped alongside it’s release that can be viewed below.

Watch Launch Trailer For The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game

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This asymmetrical multiplayer horrorfest drops players into the iconic 1970s rural Texas setting of Tobe Hooper’s slasher masterpiece. The 4 versus 1 format pits a quartet of hapless survivors against the entire Slaughter clan, including Leatherface himself, the manic Hitchhiker and piggish Cook.

Gun Interactive clearly approached recreating this beloved horror landscape with reverence. The notorious Sawyer house looms at the center of multiplayer maps, meticulously modeled in all its rundown backwoods ramshackle glory. Even minor landmarks like the creepy gas station from the film serve as backdrops for cat-and-mouse brutality.

Step Into Shoes of Leatherface or Try Escaping His Chainsaw

Fans well-versed in Chain Saw lore will delight in exploring environments and characters resurrected with care. But the real joy comes from immersing in the savage asymmetrical gameplay loop. Few thrills compare with frantically evading Leatherface’s roaring chainsaw or sadistically hunting victims as the mask-wearing maniac.

Flesh-rending carnage abounds, yet strategic options give players agency in their terror. Survivors can utilise teamwork and avoid hazards using stealth and distractions. Meanwhile, cannibalistic killers wield unique abilities tailored to their deranged personas, keeping the tension palpable.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Launch Trailer Screen

As of today, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PS5 and PC players can all join the gory mayhem, with Game Pass members gaining free access. Only the most daring should accept this infamous invitation to dinner, but the chainsaw-wielding Slaughter clan eagerly awaits fresh meat.

While debates rage over what constitutes the greatest horror film ever made, few would exclude Hooper’s infamous 1974 indie slasher from that conversation. It permanently seared macabre imagery into the cultural consciousness.

Now, Gun Interactive has manifested players’ most morbid fantasies of stepping into that grindhouse world. The developers recently revealed that the title will not include offline bots which is good.

Soon, shrill screams of chainsaw-revving terror will echo everywhere from dingy basements to darkened bedrooms. Daring gamers will immerse in this legendary slice of horror heritage like never before. Seamlessly mixing nostalgia with interactive terror is no easy feat, but Gun Interactive appears poised to pull it off with aplomb.

So warm up those chainsaws, don those flesh masks, and brace for a bloodbath. An icon of cinematic fear now unleashes its savage carnage upon gaming. No matter how fast you run, Leatherface always catches up…

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