AEW Fight Forever: Wrestling’s Return to Blood-Soaked Matches

AEW Fight Forever Blood Screens
AEW Fight Forever Blood Screens

In a compelling show of authenticity, the latest snapshots of AEW Fight Forever display both the ring and wrestlers swathed in blood, as All Elite Wrestling assures those fans who relish high-intensity, hardcore matches. Featuring a wealth of modes and match types, the title includes the Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match, a popular highlight from the AEW Revolution 2021 pay-per-view event.

Partnering Up: AEW, THQ Nordic, and Yuke’s Unite

AEW has partnered with publisher THQ Nordic and Yuke’s, the previous developer of the WWE 2K series, to bring AEW Fight Forever to fruition – the debut video game of All Elite Wrestling. The title has been carefully moulded to emulate the spirit of iconic Nintendo 64 wrestling games. Like WWF No Mercy and WCW/nWo Revenge according to AEW’s executive vice president, Kenny Omega.

After nearly three years of careful crafting, Omega recently thrilled fans with the announcement of the game’s release on June 29th. From an engrossing career mode to mini-games, offline exhibition matches, online modes and more. This wrestling entry promises a packed roster. Indeed, players can look forward to seeing their favourite pro wrestlers bleed following brutal chair shots and other destructive in-game weapon attacks.

From Screenshots to Reality: The Brutality of AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever Screenshot

The official AEW Games Twitter account recently showcased two fresh screenshots of the wrestling title. The images featured the AEW Dynamite ring and a host of wrestlers, mid-battle and drenched in blood.

AEW Games sought to allay concerns about the potential omission of blood from the game, letting the evocative images speak for themselves. The first screenshot captures a fierce confrontation between Chris Jericho and International Champion Orange Cassidy, while the second unveils former Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida, brandishing a kendo stick against Abadon. Both images powerfully illustrate the incorporation of blood, splattered across both the wrestlers and sections of the ring.

AEW Fight Forever Screenshot 2 1

Blood takes centre stage in particularly brutal match types, such as the Unsanctioned Lights Out Match and the Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match. Players will witness wrestlers bleed when weaponised attacks are directed at an opponent’s head, as illustrated by the violent altercation between Hikaru Shida and Abadon. However, blood will also flow when opponents are on the receiving end of persistent, powerful strikes.

Concerns over the game’s rating have led to speculation within the community about the portrayal of blood in the upcoming Beat ‘Em Up. However, the developer’s latest tweet swiftly earned applause from die-hard wrestling fans. With a hint of humour, several fans referred to Jon Moxley’s frequent bloodshed on AEW programming, while expressing their anticipation for the game’s release.

While the postponement of AEW Fight Forever’s launch date was a letdown for some, the company is actively nurturing its rapport with fans by sharing encouraging updates about in-game features. As the game builds momentum in the run-up to June, All Elite Wrestling might consider sharing further gameplay teasers and updates.

AEW Fight Forever is set for release on June 29th, compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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