Naughty Dog releases fix for The Last of Us on PC to improve gameplay

the last of us part 1 1
the last of us part 1 1

The release of The Last of Us Part I for PC this week has been plagued with technical and performance issues, leading to the release of two hotfixes to address the problems. The first hotfix was released on March 29th, and the second followed on March 30th, with the latter focusing on performance and memory issues.

As per the patch notes of version, gamers can anticipate a reduction in the number of crashes caused by “Out of Memory” issues, along with crashes that occur when booting up the game for the first time. The update also includes new back-end diagnostics features designed to prevent any further issues.

Naughty Dog, the developer of the survival title, stated that it is closely monitoring player reports and will release future patches based on the feedback received. Players who are experiencing issues with the game can consult the Known Issues page or contact the support team for assistance.

After being initially released on console, The Last of Us Part I remake was finally released on PC and Steam Deck on March 28th. However, many players have reported glitches, crashes, and poor performance, leading to a “mostly negative” aggregate review rating from more than 11K Steam reviews.

Some of the issues encountered by players are very amusing, such as characters suddenly appearing wet for no apparent reason. At one moment, they seem to be completely dry, and suddenly it seems as though they have been sweating excessively during a conversation about firearms.

Patch Notes For Update

  • The game’s performance during gameplay and cinematics is improved by increasing the memory allocated for streaming animations.
  • Fix for crash on first boot
  • Added additional diagnostics for developer tracking purposes
  • Reduced PSO cache size to lower memory demands and mitigate Out of Memory crashes.

Despite these issues, The Last of Us Part I remains a beloved game with a strong fan base, and it is hoped that the hotfixes will address the technical and performance problems that have been encountered by players. The game’s developers are committed to monitoring feedback and working to ensure that the title runs smoothly on PC and Steam Deck in the future.

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