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The Last of Us Will Be Playable During Download

The Last of Us Release

Sony recently came out and said that the upcoming PlayStation 4 console will support the function of being able to play video games whilst there actually downloading. Well, Naughty Dog told Gameinformer that their upcoming survival horror (The Last of Us) will be able to be playable whilst being downloaded.

The PlayStation 3 exclusive digital version will be able to be played once the download reaches halfway, about the 50% mark. This is going to be really convenient for gamers that don’t have a lot of time for download speeds and all that waiting around.

The Last of US will be available via the PlayStation Store on on June 14th, which is the exact same day that the game is launched in stores on Blu-ray disc. What do you think about this latest technology that Sony will be using? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

The Last of Us Release
The Last of Us

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