Top Games For Fans of The Last of Us

Top Games For Fans of The Last of Us
Top Games For Fans of The Last of Us

The Last of Us crafted such an impactful interactive narrative that few games can match its emotional power. But several titles offer engrossing stories in similarly bleak, post-apocalyptic settings. For players moved by Joel and Ellie’s journey, these 7 games provide more harrowing adventures with unforgettable characters:

The Walking Dead’s Harrowing Father-Daughter Bond

Top Games For Fans of The Last of Us (The Walking Dead)

The Walking Dead Season 1 mirrors The Last of Us’ bond between an adult protector and young girl dependent on them. Though a point-and-click adventure, it captures that same dynamic of human connection amidst devastation. Its minimal gameplay allows the striking narrative to shine.

A Plague Tale’s Gripping Medieval Survival Tale

Top Games For Fans of The Last of Us (A Plague Tale - Innocence)

For a story-driven experience, A Plague Tale: Innocence is a must. This rat-infested medieval French adventure follows orphaned siblings Amicia and Hugo fleeing the Inquisition. It emphasizes cinematics and stealth over combat but remains utterly engrossing. The sequel Requiem also impresses.

Dying Light 2’s Kinetic Undead Parkour

Top Games For Fans of The Last of Us Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is another open-world zombie game with fluid parkour movement distinguishing it. Traversing the city by freely running along rooftops and climbing parkour-style makes for kinetic action beyond expected gunplay. The branching paths provide endless engagement.

Outlast’s Helplessness and Horror

Top Games For Fans of The Last of Us OUTLAST 2

Outlast and Outlast 2 deliver pure psychological horror exceeding The Last of Us. As an investigative journalist armed only with a camera, you’re helpless against threats, able to only hide or run. It’s a terrifying exercise in vulnerability with no chance to fight back.

Metro Exodus’ Bleak Exploration and Scavenging

Top Games For Fans of The Last of Us Metro

With its scarce supplies and emphasis on immersive realism, Metro Exodus evokes The Last of Us’ tone. Exploring the post-nuclear Russian wilderness requires carefully managing gear found through scouring environments. Resources are limited but just enough to progress.

Days Gone’s Vast Zombie-Filled Wasteland

Top Games For Fans of The Last of Us Days Gone

Despite similarities on the surface, Days Gone distinguishes itself as an open-world zombie title. Play as biker Deacon St. John exploring a hazardous post-pandemic Oregon in search of his lost wife. The massive map and hordes of infected creatures called Freakers provide thrilling challenges and high stakes.

Resident Evil 2’s Remade Survival-Horror Mastery

Top Games For Fans of The Last of Us Resident Evil 2 Remake

As a remake, Resident Evil 2 retains the classic survival-horror feel while modernizing everything including visuals, gameplay and more. Fighting limited resources and terrifying enemies in atmospheric settings makes this a hallmark of the genre – and truly horrific at times.

Of course no media can fully recapture The Last of Us‘s lightning in a bottle. But fans taken with its mature, emotional story and gritty world will find much to admire about these engrossing post-apocalyptic odysseys. Each provides another impactful character-driven journey.

The Last of Us Part I is accessible on PS4, PS5, and PC – Part II on PS4.

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