Will The Last of Us Part II Get a Major Next-Gen Upgrade?

Will The Last of Us Part II Get a Major Next-Gen Upgrade?
Will The Last of Us Part II Get a Major Next Gen Upgrade

While The Last of Us Part II already received a PlayStation 5 patch, fans still clamor for a fuller next-gen overhaul akin to the Part I remake. Composer Gustavo Santaolalla recently hinted at an expanded “new edition” of the sequel in development. This sparked speculation that Part II could receive visual and gameplay enhancements tailored for PS5 and PC.

Cryptic Composer Comments Point to Expanded Re-Release

In an interview, Santaolalla mentioned his brief playable character having a potentially larger role this time. He implied more interactive music selections may be planned. Though remaining vague, his comments suggested inside knowledge of an enhanced version in progress.

Naughty Dog has yet to confirm a Part II re-release. However, Sony regularly provides PS5 and PC upgrades for major PlayStation 4 titles like Ghost of Tsushima. Given The Last of Us 1 comprehensive remake, a technologically updated Part II seems plausible. The HBO show’s success has also revived interest.

For Sony, this presents an opportunity to profit from refreshed sales. New PS5 owners could experience the acclaimed adventure natively. Naughty Dog might leverage the remake to justify a premium price point despite initial criticisms.

Fans Eager for New Content Remain Cautiously Hopeful

Will The Last of Us Part II Get a Major Next-Gen Upgrade? (Fans)

Still, fans eagerly await brand new Last of Us content beyond repackaging. The long-teased multiplayer offshoot remains clouded in uncertainty. With the HBO series’ future also unclear, an enhanced The Last of Us 2 may tide over anxious devotees for now.

Specifically, the prospect of revisiting the sequel in stunning 4K 60fps on PS5 is highly enticing. Even more intriguing are potential gameplay expansions to increase immersion. Naughty Dog could craft an even more unforgettable virtual experience.

While concrete details are scarce, hints from Santaolalla and Naughty Dog’s track record suggest Part II on PS5 is coming. Fans await an official announcement, possibly at a major event like The Game Awards.

Until clear confirmation, the imagining of how Part II could astonish on new hardware will continue unattenuated. But the wait will likely culminate in the masterpiece receiving the full showcase it deserves. For now, listening closely for every rumor is the only option as excitement builds.

The Last of Us Part II is available on PS4.

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