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Update for The Last of Us PC Port Aims to Tackle Persistent Issues

the last of us patch
The Last Of Us PC Patch

A new patch for The Last of Us Part 1 has been rolled out by Naughty Dog, aimed at addressing some of the lingering issues in the PC version of the game. This update addresses a few crashes and minor glitches, marking another significant improvement to the gameplay experience for those who were disappointed with the game’s initial PC release.

Patching Up A Disastrous Start

The much-anticipated launch of The Last of Us Part 1 on PC last month was marred by a slew of technical issues that made it one of the year’s most disastrous PC releases to date. Despite the game’s well-regarded storyline, players had to contend with numerous graphical glitches, poor performance, frequent crashes, interminable loading times, and a host of bugs that detracted from their overall experience. Naughty Dog has since taken responsibility for these issues and has been working diligently to remedy them through weekly patches that address the most pressing concerns.

Following the recent update that aimed to optimise memory usage and address performance problems, Naughty Dog has now released another patch that further improves the game’s user interface, Xbox controller support, and fixes persistent crashes. Players will no longer have to worry about encountering crashes during launch or right before the final credits. This hotfix is a welcome addition to the game’s continuous improvement efforts. The developer posted on social media site Twitter about the latest update as seen below.

Naughty Dog Official On Twitter

PC The Main Priority

Naughty Dog has announced that optimising The Last of Us Part 1 for Steam Deck is currently not their top priority, although they intend to address it in the future. However, due to the poor performance of the game on the platform, it was recently delisted from Steam Deck. For now, the development team is solely focused on improving the game on PC, with another update scheduled for release on Friday to address additional issues. Once the game is running smoothly on PC, they will consider fixing it for Steam Deck and making it available again on the platform’s online store.

As previously mentioned, the game was unplayable at launch, leading many to dub it the worst PC port of all time. While such a label may be a bit hyperbolic, it does highlight the negative reception the game received. It remains to be seen whether these frequent patches will be enough to restore faith in the PC gaming community towards Naughty Dog’s games.

Latest Patch Notes for The Last of Us Part 1 PC Update v1.0.1.7

  1. Developers now have further insight into the causes of crashes, thanks to the addition of more crash report logs.
  2. Addressed a problem that could lead to a crash during the game’s launch.
  3. Resolved a problem that could result in a memory crash when transitioning from the game’s ending to the credits sequence.
  4. Addressed an issue that caused crashes when switching between Full-screen and Windowed modes using [ALT+ENTER].
  5. The Graphics menu under Settings had an issue where the “Reset to Default” function could make incorrect selections, but it has been fixed.
  6. Resolved an issue that caused the Xbox controller stick inputs to be falsely detected as zeroes for a short time.
  7. Resolved a problem where enabling the HUD performance monitors could negatively affect the game’s performance.

The game is out now on PlayStation 5 and Windows PC.

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