The Sultans Ascend Expansion Brings Surprise Samurai to Age of Empires 4

Age of Empires 4 Concept Art
Age of Empires 4 Concept Art

Age of Empires 4’s next expansion The Sultans Ascend is cooking up an exciting yet perplexing surprise alongside its Middle Eastern focus. Developer screenshots reveal feudal Japan will also join the epoch-spanning strategy mix, despite its distance from crusader conflicts.

Announced artwork depicting European knights clashing with Arabian warriors cements the DLC’s medieval Mediterranean themes. The Sultans Ascend conveys campaigns charting Islamic rulers and crusader invasions.

But among desert vistas lurk emerging signs of East Asian architecture and units. Teaser images spotlight deadly ninjas, mystical Shinto shrines, and most importantly, mounted samurai warriors.

Understandably, the juxtaposition sparked community curiosity. After all, Medieval Japan lies half a world away from Jerusalem’s holy wars. Their pairing in this expansion seems unconventional at first glance. This DLC will have enough content to please the community and keep players busy for hours on end.

Fans Excited to Finally Command Legendary Samurai Forces

Yet fans expressed enthusiasm regardless for the beloved but rarely featured feudal Japanese. Many consider the island nation a most requested yet overlooked civilisation for Age of Empires.

Seeing the legendary samurai rendered for the first time injects fresh intrigue into the RTS. Though curiously depicted as cavalry rather than on foot as expected.

Mounted Samurai Age of Empires 4

This surprisingly accurate touch aligns with their noble status in history. Real samurai commonly fought mounted, unlike pop culture depictions. The visual promises thrilling charges across battlefields when The Sultans Ascend arrives.

It was announced recently that Age of Empires IV Anniversary Edition will launch on the Xbox Game Pass. We wrote a piece on that story covering it about 3 weeks ago so if you’re an Xbox owner you might want to act fast!

Expansion Scope Expands Beyond Expected Crusader Scenarios

With the momentous introduction of Japanese, the expansion’s scope widens beyond anticipated Crusade scenarios. Campaigns surrounding Shogun dynasties now seem likely as well.

The bold mix of European, Arabian, and East Asian factions makes for an eclectic melting pot. But it mirrors the global scale that defined Age of Empires’ success.

Blending distinctive architectures and military forces united by the medieval timeframe creates a fantasy war that subverts expectations. Fans eagerly anticipate experiencing the anachronistic dream scenario.

For now, The Sultans Ascend keeps further details of its unusual medieval world under wraps. But its boundaries push beyond geography to deliver conflict and culture clashes galore.

When the expansion marches onto PC and Xbox Series X|S, it promises war on an epic scale. Whether commanding disciplined samurai or thundering knights, victory awaits players who master all available forces.

Source – AOE Official Twitter

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