Age of Empires 4 Surprise-Launches on Xbox Game Pass

Age of Empires IV Anniversary Edition Xbox Game Pass

Age of Empires 4 Anniversary Edition Marches onto Xbox Game Pass for Console Strategy Fans.

Age of Empires IV Anniversary Edition Xbox Game Pass

The venerable Age of Empires 4 has now staked its claim on Xbox consoles, bringing the acclaimed real-time strategy experience to Game Pass. This adds another jewel to the service’s expansive library of genre greats. The official Xbox YouTube channel dropped a trailer showcasing the strategy game’s arrival on the subscription service.

Age of Empires IV Official Xbox Game Pass Trailer

YouTube video

While Empires landed day one on PC Game Pass back in 2021, the console command had yet to be conquered until now. After confirming Xbox ports last year, Microsoft stealthily launched them today with the game’s Anniversary Edition in tow.

Includes Anniversary Edition Content and Improvements

Age of Empires IV Anniversary Edition Ships Battle

This version bundles the base game with quality-of-life additions like new maps, biomes, achievements and extra civilisations in the Malays and Ottomans. So Xbox gamers immediately receive the definitive Empires 4 package.

To ease the transition to controllers, the console release adds a robust tutorial system explaining the new gamepad controls. Support for keyboard and mouse on Xbox remains unclear, though the experience is otherwise identical to PC.

And what an experience it is – the 16 year wait after AOE 3 proved worthwhile, with the sequel garnering critical acclaim and fan adoration upon arrival. Metacritic displays an 81 critic average and “very positive” Steam user score.

Critically Adored Strategy Masterpiece Now Widely Accessible

Age of Empires 4 Anniversary Edition New Automation Tools
Age of Empires 4 Anniversary Edition New Automation Tools

The awards validated the praise, including Strategy Game of the Year at 2021’s Game Awards. In a genre with daunting legacies, Empires 4 recaptured former glory while still evolving the franchise.

Now console gamers can join the march without splurging for a gaming PC. The scale and intricate systems transition smoothly to Xbox control schemes. And the campaigns spanning centuries of history remain engrossing.

With Game Pass subs near 30 million, exposing a wide audience to Age of Empires 4 expands real-time strategy accessibility. Paired with crossplay, the thriving community can now grow stronger still.

And fans of turn-based epics like Civilization also have cause to rejoice today. Sega’s critically-acclaimed Humankind also reached Game Pass, porting its PC exclusivity to console at last.

This one-two strategy punch makes August 22nd a special day for armchair generals. Xbox Game Pass continues maturing into a subscription essential – one where both real-time and turn-based disciples can experience the best of both worlds.

So sharpen those battlefield instincts and prepare the troops. With Age of Empires 4 raising its banners on the digital front, a new legion of thoughtful, engaged commanders enters the fray. The war for game streaming supremacy has taken a compelling turn, and players are the victors.

Age of Empires IV is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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