The Game Awards 2023 Returns Live December 7th

The Game Awards 2023 Date

The Game Awards 2023 Date Has Been Set for A Blockbuster December Showcase.

The Game Awards 2023 Date

Annual Event Set for Peacock Theater in Los Angeles

Mark your calendars eager gamers – The Game Awards has officially locked in its 2023 date. On Thursday, December 7th, the industry will once again converge on Los Angeles for a celebration of the past year’s greatest gaming achievements and most seismic announcements.

Since debuting in 2014, The Game Awards has evolved into a premier annual showcase rivaling E3 in scale and spectacle. Millions globally tune in for world premiere trailers, musical guests, celebrity appearances and most crucially – crowning each year’s Game of the Year.

If recent years are any indication, 2023 seems primed to top them all in bombastic fashion. The live show broadcasts across a deep bench of platforms including Twitch, YouTube, Steam and TikTok. With so many eyes fixed on gaming’s biggest stage, publishers prepare their most stunning surprises.

Though the full lineup of featured games remains under wraps, a few titles stand out as early Game of the Year contenders based on pedigree alone. Ambitious RPGs like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom seem poised to dazzle, while Street Fighter 6 and Final Fantasy 16 carry strong franchise legacies.

And several major 2023 releases like Starfield, Spider-Man 2 and Mario’s next odyssey could certainly throw their hats in the ring with sufficiently stellar executions. Of course, dark horse contenders yet unrevealed may ultimately steal the spotlight.

Gamescom Teases Some Reveals, But Biggies Saved for December

First glimpse of those contenders could come soon at August’s Gamescom Opening Night Live hosted by The Game Awards’ own Geoff Keighley. But the biggest fireworks will almost certainly be saved for the grand December finale.

Past years produced iconic moments like the long-awaited reveals of Perfect Dark and Bayonetta 3. This year’s surprises promise equal elation. Through stunning cinematics and clever teasers, developers can outline visions while driving speculation wild.

The Game Awards offers a primetime opportunity to unveil a megaton announcement and immediately gauge public response. It’s a valuable litmus test for hype levels and engagement. When executed well, a single trailer can instantly dominate gaming discourse for weeks.

So while 2022 still offers gaming riches, anticipation for 2023 starts building in earnest this December 7th. The ceremony spotlights the industry’s brightest stars, but also provides a crystal ball into its future. Another legendary slate of games is nearly here, and their first glimpses await.

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