New Thief 4 Info From Closed Doors E3 Show

Thief 4

The upcoming Thief 4 game has had additional information made available thanks to a closed doors E3 show that recently went on.

A Eidos Montreal community manager has decided to post a Q&A article that reveals significant details about the espionage title. One of the main points of interest was the fact that players won’t auto-regenerate their focus and health. They’ll have to find health potions in order to restore their characters condition.

The full list of leaks can be found below:

  • There will be Dogs will be present in the upcoming game.
  • There will be a full map and mini-map.
  • Garret will be able to use a climbing tool entitled the ‘claw’ which can be used to reach much higher places which are inaccessible without using it, and it’ll also save you while you’re falling down from a great height.
  • Players can finish a complete play-through using nothing but stealth. The Guards line-of-sight will totally vary on where it is they’re facing, a typical scenario would be if one guard is blocking the others view or if they simply aren’t in your line of sight.
  • The legendary lockpicking will change from time to time depending on whether or not you use the focus feature.In Thief 4 Garret will be able to steal in any location in the game’s world.
  • The focus feature will play a massive role in the latest game. Using focus while lockpicking will then enable Garret to see the outside as opposed to just seeing the inside.

If you want to check out the entire questions and answers for yourself, then click here and it’ll take you to the page. Thief 4 will be out on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC in early February 2014.

Thief 4
Thief 4

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