Fable 3 Is Free For Xbox Live Subscribers

Xbox Live Gold subscribers can get a completely free copy of Fable 3 for free as a thank-you from Microsoft for your loyalty. The popular adventure game can now be downloaded for free via the Xbox Live Marketplace. There’s no catch, that’s it!

We posted an article on this story just a few days ago and said about the rumour of these freebies being given away. Well the special offers don’t stop there, as this is just the start of the XBL Gold subscriber promotion in 2013. Microsoft are willing to give away two completely free Xbox 360 titles to current and new XBL Gold subscribers every single month for the rest of this calender year.

Microsoft have not officially announced which titles will be in the offering for the promotion as of yet. However, it’s thought to be the likes of Assassin’s Creed 2, Halo 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops and loads of other top quality video games. All of the games that will be downloaded as part of this specific promotion will never ever expire, and stay on users system forever.

What do you think to this recent announcement by Microsoft regarding the 2013 promotion? Give us all of your thoughts in the comments box situated below.

Fable 3 Offer

Fable 3 Offer

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