COD: Black Ops 2, Next DLC Called Vengeance

There’s already been two massive downloadable content packs released for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, but now there’s been some news and insight into the next DLC pack. Some leaked promotional materials suggest that the latest installment of downloadable content will be called Vengeance.

COD Vengeance

COD Vengeance

Rumours and gossip also claim that it’ll come with four new multiplayer maps for players to explore. Popular YouTube user Alextheend5 uploaded a video that seems to showcase all the new features from the next DLC. The user is from Germany and the video is in German, but Activision do normally let slip on their promo material early on.

According the the footage, the four available maps will be named Detour, Uplink, Rush, and Cove. Vengeance will also give gamers access to a brand new zombie map that will be entitled Buried with the Ray Gun Mark II.

Call of Duty Vengeance

Call of Duty Vengeance

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  1. […] The downloadable content will feature a new zombies mode and location, and it’ll also come with four new multiplayer maps for players to get stuck into. For much more in-depth information on Vengeance check out our older post. […]

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