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New Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC Replacers Trailer

COD Black Ops 2 Vengeance

Treyarch have today, released a brand new never before seen trailer that showcases all the new content that players will see from the upcoming DLC expansion pack for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Vengeance.

COD Black Ops 2 Vengeance
COD Black Ops 2 Vengeance

Vengeance will become the third expansion to be released for the latest COD title. It’ll make it’s way to Xbox Live on July 2nd next month, and will cost gamers 1200 Microsoft Points.

The downloadable content will feature a new zombies mode and location, and it’ll also come with four new multiplayer maps for players to get stuck into. For much more in-depth information on Vengeance check out our older post.

The DLC will be a timed-exclusive for Xbox owners, so PlayStation 3 and PC users should expect to see their copy come sometime later in August. For now though, check out the new gameplay video and tell us what you think.

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