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Battlefield 4 Alpha Invite Glitch Tweet

Battlefield 4 Tweet Glitch

DICE’s very own Daniel “zh1nt0” Matros had the job to tweet the clarification to all his followers and BF4 fans regarding the alpha invites glitch. EA decided to send out some invitations to the upcoming alpha testing of their shooter Battlefield 4. It was of course all a big misunderstanding, and EA had to retract their statement and issue it as an error.

They’ll not be accepting any additional entries into their alpha for the moment, but may do in due course. Daniel Matros’s full apologetic tweet can be seen below:

EA’s highly anticipated first-person shooter will make it’s way to the Xbox 360/One, PlayStation 3/4 and Windows PC on October 29th in NA, 31st in Australia, and November 1st2013  in Europe.

Battlefield 4 Tweet Glitch
Battlefield 4 Tweet Glitch

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