Starfield: A Glimpse into the Enigmatic Shattered Space Expansion

Starfield Shattered Space Expansion
Starfield Shattered Space Expansion

In the extensive Direct showcase, Bethesda subtly confirmed that the first additional content after the launch of Starfield, titled “Shattered Space,” is on the horizon. It was an easy detail to miss amid the visual grandeur of Starfield’s diverse planets, cities, and the multitude of aspects like gunplay, skills, and companions exhibited in the showcase.

Exploring Starfield’s ‘Shattered Space’: What Could this Expansion Bring?

The showcase culminated with Starfield, leaving fans in awe and elevating the anticipation for the game to unprecedented heights. It’s clear that Bethesda has provided a vast universe for fans to explore, which could easily absorb hundreds of playing hours. With the announcement of post-launch expansions like “Shattered Space,” this gaming experience is likely to be even more expansive.

Although the precise details of what “Shattered Space” holds for players remain ambiguous until after Starfield’s launch, the ominous name hints at potential horror themes, reminiscent of Dead Space. This tidbit of information came to light when the Constellation Edition of Starfield was unveiled.

Besides the first major expansion, the edition includes cosmetic extras, up-to-five-day early access, a special casing, a Constellation box with patch and watch, among other enticing perks. This comes literally a couple of days after we reported on the limited edition gear getting leaked via German retailers Saturn and Mediamarkt.

Starfield Constellation Edition

Speculating on the specifics of “Shattered Space” is a challenging task considering the breadth of Starfield’s gameplay elements. However, it’s fair to assume that this story DLC will continually broaden the narrative horizon. Based on the showcase, it appears that players affiliate with Constellation after discovering a communicative artifact.

Starfield: Piecing Together the Puzzle of the ‘Shattered Space’ Expansion

While immediate alien encounters don’t seem integral to Starfield, the discovery of an ancient alien civilisation might hold some significance. This narrative direction is somewhat reminiscent of Mass Effect, and “Shattered Space” might explore this further. Yet, the possibilities are boundless.

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The Xbox Games Showcase paraded a series of high-profile titles such as Fable, Avowed, Star Wars Outlaws, and Clockwork Revolution. Yet, it was Starfield’s presentation that distinguished itself amidst the array. Although it wasn’t the quintessential ‘one more thing’ moment often seen in industry showcases, Starfield’s finale was a well-chosen choice. The gaming community can anticipate more updates in the upcoming months before its launch, though the specifics of “Shattered Space” may continue to be enigmatic for a while.

Starfield is set for release on September 6th for Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC.

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