Destiny 2 Economy Sees Legendary Changes Pre-Final Shape Expansion

Destiny 2 Final Shape Expansion Cayde
Destiny 2 Final Shape Expansion Cayde

Bungie has announced major upcoming changes to the in-game economy of Destiny 2, specifically regarding gear focusing and dismantling. These changes will arrive in Season 23, still some time away, but the developers wants players to be aware of the shift in economy ahead of the final expansion The Final Shape. Bungie states the goal is to improve overall player accessibility and position Destiny 2 for the future.

Legendary Shards Removed from Destiny 2 Economy

The main change involves removing Legendary Shards from the game’s economy. Legendary Shards and Glimmer are the two key currencies players need to acquire constantly in Destiny 2. Glimmer drops from nearly all activities, while Legendary Shards only come from dismantling Legendary and Exotic gear.

These currencies are used for focusing equipment, buying bounties, crafting weapons, and upgrading Deepsight tiers. As players progress in endgame activities, the amount of Glimmer and Shards needed increases, becoming a frustration point that has led to farming exploits.

Without Legendary Shards, focusing new Ritual weapons will cost just one engram, while older Ritual weapons will need an additional 5000 Glimmer. Focusing aspirational gear from activities like Nightfalls and Iron Banner will now require five engrams instead of one, plus 25,000 Glimmer, to make up for the loss of Shards.

Final Shape Expansion Influences Destiny 2 Economy Shift

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Screen

Adept weapons and Trials weapons will stay the same. Dismantling costs are also changing – Legendary and Exotic gear will grant Gunsmith reputation, 1000-2000 Glimmer, and a chance at an Enhancement Core. Exotics have a 60% chance and Legendaries a 25% chance. Ghost shells will give only 1000-1500 Glimmer when dismantled.

Bungie states this economy shift serves two purposes – first rebalancing costs now, and then making more cosmetics free and adding alternative payment methods when The Final Shape launches. While big changes can worry players, the devs emphasises improving accessibility as the driving factor, and promises to closely monitor the evolving economy.

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The game continues evolving as Bungie lays groundwork for the finale The Final Shape expansion. This latest economy shake-up aims to improve the player overall experience.

Destiny 2 is currently available on Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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