Horizon Forbidden West’s Secrets in Upcoming Board Game

Horizon Forbidden West's Secrets in Upcoming Board Game
Horizon Forbidden West's Secrets in Upcoming Board Game

Adventure awaits in an all-new board game. Horizon Forbidden West: Seeds of Rebellion arrives on Kickstarter November 21st, promising a cooperative quest full of narrative intrigue.

Canonical Tales Set Before Aloy

In this 1-4 player experience, you’ll confront deadly machines and unravel mysteries in the frontier before Aloy’s arrival. As a Marshal, investigate and stop a brewing Tenakth clan rebellion threatening the hard-won unity of these tribes.

Exploring vibrant locations, you’ll undertake perilous quests and earn powerful weapons to survive evolving machines. One wrong move could end in death from fang, claw or blight. Teamwork is vital to reveal the Forbidden West’s buried secrets and prevent bloodshed.

Dynamic New Co-Op Gameplay Systems

Horizon Forbidden West's Secrets in Upcoming Board Game (Thunderjaw)

Storytelling was a highlight players craved in the first Horizon board game. Seeds of Rebellion goes all-in, with Guerrilla’s input crafting a canonical tale expanding the universe.

Building on the semi-cooperative combat engine of the original, Rebellion adds new fully cooperative features. Stealth, abilities, in-depth machine encounters and more create a fresh strategic challenge.

New Forbidden West machines like the Tremortusk bring matching gameplay innovations. Each machine underwent meticulous design to capture their unique behaviors and obstacles. Mastering these dynamic threats is key to victory.

Backwards Compatibility for Original Game Owners

Owners of the first game gain a free backwards compatibility pack to use their existing miniatures. So Thunderjaws and Oseram soldiers can join the rebellion!

In the end, Horizon Forbidden West: Seeds of Rebellion invites fans to deeply immerse in this beloved world. With tactical gameplay and an enthralling new story, it expands the core cooperative experience in exciting ways. When this epic journey hits Kickstarter, will you answer the call?

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Horizon Forbidden West is accessible on PS4 and PS5.

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