The Far Cry 7 Potential Release, Setting and Platforms Analysed

Far Cry 7 News

Exploring All Possibilities for Far Cry 7: Release Time-frame, Story Setup, Platforms and More

Far Cry 7 News

With Far Cry 6 wrapping up the revolution in Yara, speculation now swirls around the future of Ubisoft’s blockbuster open world shooter franchise. Though concrete details remain scarce, various clues have emerged suggesting possibilities for Far Cry 7’s release window, story setup, platforms and live service elements.

Ubisoft typically plays upcoming projects close to the vest, but job listings hint that very early development work on Far Cry 7 is likely ramping up. However, fans shouldn’t expect a launch anytime soon with Avatar, Assassin’s Creed Mirage and other major Ubisoft titles occupying release slates over the next few years.

Realistically Far Cry 7 could still be as far out as 2025 or 2026 based on typical production time-frames. But the early groundwork now lays the creative foundation.

What Could The Far Cry 7 Storyline Be About?

Far Cry 6 Ending

One clue comes from Far Cry 6’s post-credits scene strongly hinting deranged series legend Vaas could return as the next major antagonist. Having defined unpredictable insanity across Far Cry 3 and subsequent DLC, Vaas reprising his role as the key villain would bring satisfying continuity.

His unmistakable voice taunting Juan Cortez over radio waves makes a compelling post-credits teaser. Perhaps this dramatic return from presumed death sets up a climactic showdown between past and present. Vaas stealing the spotlight again would surely please fans.

Storyline rumours suggest a fictional island backdrop in the Yellow Sea as a potential Far Cry 7 setting. But similarities to Yara imply this speculation could be embellished. Regardless, Ubisoft’s open world formula grants immense creative freedom thanks to the loose continuity between numbered entries.

More substantial reports indicate a pivot to ongoing live service elements may be under consideration for Far Cry 7. This would align with alleged plans for gradually updating narrative content in Assassin’s Creed Infinity and other Ubisoft flagships.

Launch Likely Years Out on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

Integrating seasonal content drops or limited-time events could provide ongoing engagement. Of course, the game’s signature open world exploration and mayhem would still anchor the experience. But added longevity via live services might parallel Destiny 2’s success.

On the technical side, releasing exclusively on current-gen hardware like PS5 and Xbox Series X/S seems a given. The scale of Far Cry’s environments and combat demand the latest processing power. Older consoles will likely be left behind.

In the end, only Ubisoft knows where this unpredictable first-person odyssey heads next. But the possibilities simmer with potential, ready to erupt into stunning new directions. And Vaas’ chilling laughter hints his chaos still awaits. The future remains uncertain, but boundlessly exciting.

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