New Far Cry Game Job Listings Emerge at Ubisoft Toronto

New Far Cry Game in Early Development
New Far Cry Game in Early Development

Recently posted job listings at Ubisoft Toronto point towards early work commencing on an unannounced new Far Cry project. This tentative development follows Far Cry 6 capping a prolific era of annualised sequels from 2012’s Far Cry 3 reboot onwards. However, with Far Cry 7 likely in conceptual stages, fans should temper expectations of a swift return after the last mainline entry’s muted reception.

Ubisoft Toronto handled Far Cry 5 and 6, alongside other titles like Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Their leadership roles currently advertised imply foundational brainstorming rather than full production. Over a decade into the reinvigorated franchise, Ubisoft seem cautious not to oversaturate the overstretched formula.

Far Cry 7 Likely Years Away From Release

Far Cry 6 drew criticism as the poorest reviewed core series entry, triggering speculation that Ubisoft are opting for a longer hiatus to rejuvenate the next instalment. The accelerated yearly release model understandably strained creativity. Letting the once-trailblazing open world shooter rest risks rekindling its spark.

With Far Cry 7 reportedly not yet greenlit as of August, Toronto’s hiring spree marks preliminary conceptual work at best. The project’s scale also remains uncertain; Ubisoft’s Montreal studio handled previous Far Cry spin-offs like Primal and New Dawn alongside main series duties.

Toronto’s team size likewise obscures how significantly Far Cry occupies their developmental bandwidth. Some talent from the latest installment possibly transferred to the studio’s in-progress Splinter Cell remake, limiting their availability.

Realistically, Far Cry 7 is years away barring a dramatic reversal of fortunes. Even assuming production starts soon, Far Cry 6 began life four years prior to launch. Escalating AAA scope compounds development timeframes. And with no teaser yet, Toronto are arguably still formulating core concepts.

Franchise Due For Extended Break and Refresh

After dominating the early 2010s shooter market, the much loved gaming series risks growing stale absent fresh inspiration. So some protracted soul-searching following formulaic sequels seems prudent for the franchise’s long-term prospects. A few fallow years can ultimately catalyse renewed creativity.

For now, Ubisoft seem content slowly building foundations rather than rushing releases. Their restraint contrasts previous oversaturation. Far Cry’s outlandish open world escapism should return someday armed with revitalised ideas and evolution.

But the cycle of hype surrounding tentpole franchises breeds impatience. When temporary quiet follows deafening noise, unease emerges. Yet intermittent breathing room often precedes glorious second winds.

So let Ubisoft chart the necessary course to reignite their flagship shooter, through patience and care instead of hastened obligation. Far Cry’s fire will blaze again when the time is right. Ubisoft Toronto’s early rumblings mark not a beginning, but a ponderous stirring.

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