Civilization 6 Celebrates 32nd Birthday with Cross-Platform Update

Civilization 6 Update

Civilization 6 Celebrates 32nd Anniversary with Free Cross-Platform Update.

Civilization 6 Update

Sid Meier’s seminal strategy franchise has reached a new milestone, and fans across all platforms are reaping rewards. To commemorate Civilization’s 32nd anniversary this September, developer Firaxis has released a substantial free update delivering long-awaited features to console editions.

Civilization VI: Leader Pass Trailer

The celebratory update arrives alongside the proclamation of “Civtember,” marking the occasion with Community Livestreams, development insights, and special promotions. But the highlight remains the version parity brought by the patch.

Leader Pass Content Now Free for Qualified Owners

Namely, consoles finally gain access to the Leader Pass content previously exclusive to PC. This includes 12 new playable leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Wu Zetian, plus variant personas for existing rulers. An accompanying achievement expansion also launched.

Understandably, this news sent ripples of excitement through the console community. Since the Leader Pass debuted in November 2022, resentment brewed over its PC exclusivity. Now amended, all can experience leaders like Hadrian of Rome or the Kandakes of Nubia.

Beyond new personalities, Firaxis utilised the update to implement balance changes targeting certain abilities. Most notably, tweaks arrived for Caesar, Wu Zetian, Harald Hadrada, and Lincoln’s unique powers. The adjustments provide another reason to revisit familiar leaders.

For Xbox and PlayStation owners who already purchased all available DLC, the Leader Pass content can be claimed entirely free once 2K accounts are linked. And Julius Caesar unlocks for all owners automatically. This provides a generous gift during anniversary celebrations.

Celebrating 32 Years of Civilization

With cross-platform parity achieved, the Civilization 6 community is united once more. The sweeping improvements exemplify Firaxis’ continued dedication to evolving the 4X strategy masterpiece years after launch. That commitment persists across not just PC, but all platforms.

It’s been a very busy week for the developers as just a couple of days ago as reported by us, Civilization 6 is a whopping 90% off on Steam for a limited time. This includes all 19 DLC’s and the full version game via the anthology.

Looking ahead, speculation turns to what Civilization 7 may unveil after two full expansions realised the title’s potential. But for now, unconditional love for the series endures, set to a rousing orchestra of community spirit.

32 years on, Civilization’s magnificence persists thanks to developers who care deeply. Here’s to 32 more turns of excellence, wherever the journey leads next.

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