Metal Gear Solid Delta Recreates Snake Eater Using Unreal Engine 5

Metal Gear Solid Δ SNAKE EATER - First In-Engine Look

Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater A Faithful Remake Using Cutting-Edge Technology.

Metal Gear Solid Δ SNAKE EATER - First In-Engine Look

Konami has provided the first look at in-engine gameplay for the upcoming remake of the iconic stealth game Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, now titled Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater.

The trailer footage showcases stunning visuals powered by Unreal Engine 5 that expertly recreate the original game’s jungle setting. This remake seeks to retain the gripping story and world that made the third installment a masterpiece while elevating the graphics and gameplay to modern standards.

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The original Snake Eater debuted on PlayStation 2 in 2004 to critical acclaim, praised for its cinematic storytelling, tactical stealth action, memorable boss battles and bizarre survival elements like catching wild animals to eat. Hideo Kojima’s last Metal Gear entry before departing Konami, it significantly evolved the stealth genre and cemented the third installment as one of the most influential games ever made.

Bringing a Stealth Masterpiece to Modern Standards

Fans have long anticipated a full current-gen remake that could reintroduce this classic to new audiences. Konami is partnering with Chinese developer Virtuos, known for ports of games like Final Fantasy X and Nier: Automata, to carefully rebuild Snake Eater using Unreal Engine 5. The new Metal Gear Solid Delta branding reflects both a modern reboot and Snake’s “Delta Force” codename.

The brief gameplay footage showcases the stealth title’s potential to faithfully recreate Snake Eater with a stunning new graphical sheen. The iconic jungle environment overflowing with wildlife looks ultra-realistic with ray traced lighting and water effects. Snake’s animations, whether shimmying along a ledge, hiding in grass, or interrogating enemies, appear smoothly updated. The layout of levels and areas match the original maps but gain new visual polish.

Fans will even recognise exact spots like the rope bridge, building where our protagonist meets Ocelot, and cave battle against The Pain. This indicates levels retain the original layout and structure while enhancing textures, particles, reflections and lighting. The local flora and fauna sport tons of lifelike detail from individual leaves to the scales on snakes. Delta seems to smoothly translate PS2-era designs into a modern showcase achieving Kojima’s cinematic vision.

Unreal Engine 5 Powers Impressive Visual Upgrades

Metal Gear Solid Delta Stealth Gameplay Sneak Attack
Image Credit: Konami

Showcasing the remake using Unreal Engine 5 allays concerns about visual quality or faithfulness. The advanced effects like ray tracing suit Snake Eater’s lush natural environments. Longtime fans can relive Shadow Moses updated with state-of-the-art graphics, improved controls and gameplay while preserving the story, voice acting and map design. Newcomers can experience an iconic chapter of gaming history with modern accessibility.

There is no set release date yet for Metal Gear Solid Delta. However, Konami has expanded the series’ availability while fans await the remake. The recent Master Collection Vol. 1 remasters several vintage Metal Gear titles for modern platforms. Despite some launch issues, it marks the long-requested debut for Snake Eater on PC. The upcoming Vol. 2 is rumoured to include later sequels like Guns of the Patriots and Phantom Pain.

Delta has huge shoes to fill succeeding the hallowed Snake Eater, considered one of gaming’s highest achievements. Recreating this masterpiece without Kojima is daunting, so Konami is strategically building hype while taking time to get this entry right. Their partnership with Virtuos’ veteran port team reassures this remake is in capable hands.

Early impressions of the in-engine footage are overwhelmingly positive. If this beautiful gameplay accurately reflects the final Delta experience, it could become the definitive edition of an all-time classic stealth action title.

The graphical overhaul brings Snake Eater in line with modern AAA standards while preserving the gameplay fans love. Just take a look at the beautiful screenshot below that showcases the stunning graphics in all its glory.

Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater Walking in Swamp

Some skepticism remains around modernising such an acclaimed game without the original director. But so far Delta appears to capture Snake Eater’s spirit with updated aesthetics. The remake could seamlessly introduce a seminal cinematic stealth game to new audiences. For devoted Metal Gear followers, it promises both a nostalgic celebration and the long-awaited Snake Eater remaster they imagined.

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While launch timing remains unconfirmed, Konami’s incremental reveal strategy is building intrigue. The extended playable teases will ideally culminate in the latest entry exceeding expectations when it finally deploys. For now, fans can enjoy the growing hype around a beloved franchise’s rebirth and the prospect of once again venturing into Snake’s boots through a gorgeous lethal jungle.

Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater is currently being developed for PlayStation 5, Windows PC and Xbox Series X.

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