New Battlefield 2042 Event Adds Creepy 12v12 Killswitch Mode

Battlefield 2042 Season 6 Dark Protocol Event

Battlefield 2042 Launches Dark Protocol Event with Creepy New 12v12 Killswitch Mode.

Battlefield 2042 Season 6 Dark Protocol Event

EA’s Battlefield 2042 has revealed details on its latest time-limited event, Dark Protocol, bringing a haunting new 12-player vs 12-player mode to the ongoing live service shooter. Running from October 31st to November 14th, Dark Protocol adds the Killswitch mode along with spooky cosmetic rewards.

It continues Battlefield 2042’s redemption arc since its rocky launch in 2021. The trailer was uploaded as unlisted for some reason over on YouTube but you can view it right here anyway below:

YouTube video

The Dark Protocol event ties into the first-person shooter’s current sixth season, Dark Creations, which added the new map Redacted. Killswitch is a tense and chaotic mode set across tight chokepoints on Redacted and other smaller Battlefield 2042 maps.

Two teams of 12 compete to control objectives called nodes that activate sequentially. Holding a node scores a point and disables that node while activating the next. First team to 5 points wins. Nodes behave uniquely – both teams can make simultaneous capture progress, so comebacks are very possible if a team gets pushed off a node.

Hijack Forges to Turn AI Against Enemies

The creepy twist is that teams can access an on-site forge to synthesise AI enemies called Geists to spawn as allies. Interact with the forge when needing muscle to assault or defend a node, and the Geists will swarm as extra support. But the forge spawns Geists automatically on timers too, so players must constantly monitor and hijack forges to turn new Geist waves to their side.

This creates frantic tug-of-war battles where teams must balance capturing nodes, defending them against enemies and Geists, and trying to control Geist spawns to overwhelm the other team. The chaotic AI elements provide deadly distractions to cover advances on nodes or sniff out hiding enemies. Players are encouraged to utilise Battlefield 2042’s many defensive gadgets and abilities to set up ambushes, fortify points, and survive the onslaught.

Mastering the forges alongside traditional PvP combat is key. Don’t let your guard down – stay unpredictable and mobile using smokescreens, turrets, insert beacons and mines. Killswitch occurs on Battlefield 2042’s most tightly confined maps, so claustrophobic close-quarters fighting intensifies the mode’s distinctive blend of PvP and PvE challenges.

Rewards Include Themed Cosmetics

Battlefield 2042 Season 6 Dark Protocol Gameplay

The Dark Protocol event brings two weeks of unlockable rewards for participating in Killswitch. Week one offers cosmetic items like weapon charms and vehicle skins, while week two provides bonus player card customisation and weapon skins. Players earn ribbons from Killswitch matches to unlock these themed goodies.

The event also adds two new premium cosmetic bundles purchasable with Battlefield Coins. The No Antidote bundle contains a Legendary Dozer outfit, Epic vehicle skin, and weapon skins matching the ominous high-tech theme. The Hot Spot bundle provides spooky-themed cosmetics for the Falck specialist. Fans can buy both bundled together at a discounted price as the Ascension Company set.

Killswitch provides a fresh limited-time twist on the FPS’s signature large-scale multiplayer warfare. The creepy AI enemies and close-quarters slaughterhouse missions provide seasonal Halloween thrills while testing player adaptability.

Dark Protocol continues EA’s effort to redeem Battlefield 2042 after its rocky launch alienated players with glitches and missing legacy features. Over nearly two years, DICE has relentlessly updated the game, overhauling maps, adding new seasons, and replacing the controversial specialist system with traditional Battlefield classes.

Battlefield 2042 Season 6 Themed Event

This work appears to be paying off based on much improved player sentiment and recently breaking the game’s concurrent player record during a free weekend. Dark Protocol aims to maintain that new momentum with a novel mode keeping the game feel fresh for existing players while potentially drawing lapsed fans back into the fold.

The event’s edgy aesthetic and frantic gunplay also court players from shooters like Call of Duty to give Battlefield 2042 a try. And the free weekend possibly hooked new recruits who may purchase the full game after sampling the improvements firsthand.

While DICE has not yet confirmed a seventh season, the futuristic shoot ’em up seems poised to sustain its ongoing comeback. The continued content expansions demonstrate EA’s long-term commitment to redeeming their tentpole military shooter. Events like Dark Protocol help retain existing players while potentially converting new fans.

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If this season 6 event achieves its goals, the troubled FPS can continue clawing its way back from disaster toward finally fulfilling its potential. The Killswitch mode’s unique blend of PvP and PvE in claustrophobic maps could become a staple if it proves popular. For now, the multiplayer warfare title appears headed in a positive direction and committed to learning from its earlier missteps.

Battlefield 2042 is out now on Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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