Battlefield 2042’s Latest Update (4.2.0) Overhauls a Launch Map

Battlefield 2042
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As part of the latest 4.2.0 update for Battlefield 2042, one of the game’s original launch maps is undergoing modifications. Battlefield 2042, which is currently in its fourth season, has undergone significant improvements and is widely regarded as a vastly improved game compared to its initial launch state.

Despite its poor reception upon launching in late 2021 with only seven maps, DICE has remained committed to supporting Battlefield 2042. Over the past year, the developers have continuously added new maps, modes, and content to the game, including significant overhauls to many of the original launch maps. Additionally, DICE reworked the specialist system, reintroducing proper class roles, a beloved feature of the Battlefield franchise. This ongoing support and the reworked class system have contributed to a positive shift in the conversation surrounding Battlefield 2042 over the past several months.

Electronic Arts posted on their website about the update and the details can be found here, alternatively you can read on and we’ll enlighten you on what you can expect from the changes.

Discarded Map Overhaul

The central feature of Battlefield 2042’s 4.2.0 update is the rework of the Discarded map, which was included in the game’s launch. The industrial map features a vast graveyard of several large, shabby ships and a flooded village that players must compete to control. As part of the rework, more control flags will be added to the map, and some of the existing flags will be relocated.

Battlefield 2042 Discarded Map

The upcoming 4.2.0 update for Battlefield 2042 will bring significant changes to the Discarded map, with three main areas set to see improvements. Firstly, a new Salvage Yard area bearing a flag will replace a formerly barren field to the northwest, providing more cover for players on foot against enemy vehicles. This change is expected to address the criticism from players that the launch maps lack adequate cover. To further combat this issue, the flag at the Antenna area will be moved north closer to the Flooded Village, with additional structures added to better connect the north and south areas of Discarded. Finally, the Dismantled Hull area will see more cover added to protect against snipers on the Colossus deck at the centre of the map.

The alterations made to the Discarded map aim to enhance the survival rate of players on foot when travelling between flags, especially against enemy vehicles and snipers.

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