Battlefield 2042: Patch Notes for Update 4.2.1

Battlefield 2042 Patch Notes 4.2.1
Battlefield 2042 Patch Notes 4.2.1
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EA and DICE have unleashed their most recent update for Battlefield 2042, with patch notes for version 2.4.1 signposting an array of resolved gameplay issues. Battlefield 2042’s journey has been fraught with challenges, from a troubled launch replete with myriad problems and lacklustre critical reception to disgruntled players. Nonetheless, DICE’s unwavering persistence throughout the inaugural year, including postponing Season One of Battlefield 2042 DLC to prioritise fixes and updates, has gradually appeased the player base.

With consistent updates and a revamped seasonal content model, Battlefield 2042 has staged a remarkable recovery from its initial downward spiral. Fresh content and extensive updates have enhanced the gaming experience, even enticing new players. Having retooled various maps, reintroduced the classic class system for specialists, and implemented a host of quality-of-life features, DICE’s attention now turns to minor issues, as evidenced by the recent launch of update 2.4.1.

Subsequent to Update 4.2’s release in Battlefield 2042, which heralded the much-awaited relaunch of the Discarded map, DICE unveiled the first follow-up patch addressing numerous reported concerns. The initial fix rectifies a spawning issue on Capture Points D1 and D2 in Discarded, where players would occasionally find themselves out of bounds. The update also scrutinises specialists, addressing visual issues with Dozer, such as skywalking while utilising ladders and grenades clipping through his shield.

Furthermore, the Battlefield 2042 update encompasses gameplay enhancements, including remedying a bug that inadvertently enforced a melee takedown for one 2042 specialist across the entire class. Misleading attachment statistics for ammo and rate of fire in the Plus Menu’s first slot have also been corrected, granting players a more accurate understanding of their weapon’s performance.

Battlefield 2042 Patch Notes For Update 2.4.1

CategoryUpdate Details
Maps– No more out-of-bounds spawning on Discarded’s Capture Points D1 and D2 – Fixed unintended visual effects on weapons near heat sources or exploding vehicles
Collection & Customisation– Corrected attachment stats for ammo and rate of fire in the Plus Menu’s first slot- Fixed incorrect attachment display in the Plus Menu customisation screen – Rectified “Replace” button overlap on Class text in Classes customisation screen- Resolved melee takedown issue for 2042 Specialists
Gameplay Enhancements– Fixed excessive camera pull-down upon landing while aiming – Increased damage for Air-to-Ground Missiles targeting laser-designated objects- Addressed player occlusion issue near smoke – Real-time vehicle cooldown timer on deploy screen
End of Round– Resolved miscalculated Marksman Kill stats at End of Round screen
Battlefield Portal– Properly greyed-out characters in Custom Experiences based on mode restrictions
Weapons– Fixed broken recoil animation for MTAR-21 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles
Vehicles– Accurate LCAA Hovercraft engine damage indicator – Added explosive damage to Transport Helicopters, along with impact damage from projectiles
Specialists– Resolved Dozer’s skywalking issue on ladders – Fixed visual glitch with grenades clipping through Dozer’s shield – Rao’s Cyber Warfare Suite now transmits lock-on targets to allied vehicles
General FixesGeneral fixes have been implemented, check out the official site for details.

Encouragingly, this latest update marks the beginning of a series of improvements, with DICE urging players to anticipate further updates throughout May alongside upcoming Quality of Life previews. A recent developer notes preview even showcased forthcoming changes to Vault Weapons during Season 5, adapting guns from the Portal mode to suit Battlefield 2042.

The full patch notes can also be viewed on the official EA website. Battlefield 2042 is now accessible on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4 and PS5.

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