Battlefield 2042’s Newest Event ‘Arkangel Directive’: Trailer Inside

Battlefield 2042 The Arkangel Directive Event
Battlefield 2042 The Arkangel Directive Event

In the ever-evolving realm of Battlefield 2042, a fresh event named the Arkangel Directive is poised to enthral gamers. The event, due to span a couple of weeks, comes equipped with a fresh game mode christened ‘Control’. Now in its fifth instalment, the Battlefield series, despite its somewhat lukewarm initiation in 2021, continues to captivate players with an abundance of balance modifications and novel content.

Battlefield 2042: Unwrapping the Mystique of the Arkangel Directive

Reflecting on constructive feedback and implementing substantial changes to its original map designs, with the much-anticipated Hourglass rework waiting in the wings. Battlefield 2042 has truly rolled up its sleeves to re-establish its rapport with its aficionados over the last few seasons.

While the number of fervent players may not break records, the unwavering loyalty of the community is palpable, especially given the extensive adjustments made in Season 5, like the reinstatement of the cherished class system earlier this year. Now, with its primary design glitches ironed out, DICE is concentrating its efforts on serving up a hearty helping of content through events and time-limited modes.

New Arkangel Directive Trailer For Battlefield 2042

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The Arkangel Directive, replete with a brand-new 24v24 Control mode, will be playable from July 11th to July 25, featuring a tempting trove of rewards up for grabs during this fortnight. This mode, set against the backdrops of three Battlefield 2042 maps – Orbital, Reclaimed, and Valparaiso will unravel in three stages, with combatants battling for dominance over various satellite locations scattered across the map. The crème de la crème of the players will accumulate Ascension Points, convertible into crucial vehicular assistance for the compact 24v24 mode.

Battlefield 2042 Season 5 The Arkangel Tweet
Battlefield 2042 Season 5 The Arkangel Tweet

The bi-weekly model of Battlefield 2042’s time-limited modes means that fresh rewards will pop up in the concluding week of the event. The first week offers the chance to win a background, weapon charm, and an Epic weapon skin, while the second week proffers an alternative background, weapon skin, and an Epic headgear dubbed “Interneural” – the event’s standout element. Moreover, the Arkangel Directive will introduce three new cosmetic bundles available for purchase in Battlefield 2042’s in-game store.

While the path ahead for the Battlefield franchise beyond Battlefield 2042 remains shrouded in mystery, with several projects simmering away at EA, DICE persists in backing its current user base with revised maps, fresh modes, and short-term events. With the sixth season of Battlefield 2042 already on the horizon, fans should be on the edge of their seats awaiting updates about further engaging content lined up for this futuristic squad-based shooter.

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Battlefield 2042 is now playable on Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Source – Battlefield Official Twitter

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