Insomniac Listening to Fans on Potential Venom Solo Game

Marvel's Venom Solo Game News

Spider-Man 2 Developers Open to Venom Spinoff Game Depending on Fan Demand.

Marvel's Venom Solo Game News

With Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 finally released on PS5, speculation is already swirling regarding a potential spinoff game spotlighting popular antihero Venom. Senior narrative director Jon Paquette acknowledged a Venom solo title could happen if fan response compels it.

Venom factors heavily into Spider-Man 2’s story following cryptic references in the original 2018 game. Paquette stated they aspired to deliver one of Venom’s best video game interpretations ever. Horror icon Tony Todd even lends his ominous voice talents to the alien symbiote.

Given Venom’s significance, Insomniac is interested in fan reactions to gauge spinoff demand. Paquette wants players’ engagement guiding what comes next. The team will assess feedback post-launch once the excitement settles.

Previous Spinoff Success with Miles Morales

Venom in the Rain

Insomniac has spun off characters before with success, namely Miles Morales headlining the well-received PS5 launch title Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. A Venom game could take a similar standalone approach.

Of course, Spider-Man 2 itself must excel first, but initial reviews laud Insomniac’s work. Strong sales projections also bode well for the franchise’s future opportunities. Leveraging Venom further down the line could capitalise on this momentum.

Paquette explained they steeped themselves in Venom’s complex comic book mythology before crafting an adaptation tailored for their universe. The alien symbiote’s co-creator has already praised Insomniac’s unique design and adaptation.

Between Spider-Man 2’s anticipated success and enduring fan adoration for the villain, the pieces seem properly positioned for a Venom solo venture. Insomniac has repeatedly demonstrated mastery of Marvel’s New York City playground.

Some speculate a hypothetical game could release after their next project, the Wolverine action RPG. But spinoffs don’t always require full-scale sequels. Scratching this particular itch could take many forms.

For example, the next numerical Spider-Man entry could feature playable character switching between Venom, Miles, and Peter similar to Spider-Man 2’s duo. Letting fans directly control Venom in both solo and cooperative contexts could sate their desires.

A Solo Venom Title Has Huge Appeal and Demand

Spider-Man 2 Venom's Back Cutscene

Of course, some fans will hope to guide Eddie Brock’s alien alter ego through a dedicated campaign from his perspective. The Marvel character has supported standalone comics and films before. And Insomniac’s intricate world-building could craft a vivid original sci-fi story around the volatile antihero.

The developers note they always aim to forget existing stories and stay true to their characters and universe when writing narratives. This philosophy could birth something uniquely engrossing from the character’s rich potential.

Fans are already fantasising about stalking villains through New York City’s shadows, scaling skyscrapers, and unleashing savage fury. The character is beloved when portrayed as a complex, lethal vigilante rather than a Spidey clone.

Spider-Man 2 Venom Cutscene in the lab

Insomniac would need to balance Venom’s appeal with what gameplay mechanics work best. Their innovative Spider-Man foundation could translate well into a darker, visceral experience. An open world action-RPG hybrid with a skill tree could work nicely.

Of course, the symbiote’s weaknesses must also factor into gameplay. Sonic and fire-based attacks could create combat dynamics and limit overpowered rampages. Stealth and strategy may be required compared to the friendly neighbourhood hero’s mobility.

Ultimately, Insomniac’s creative talents could craft a memorable take on the alien symbiote in whatever format they pursue. Fans will surely share their preferences passionately in the coming months. The anti-hero is not the only Marvel character to be getting a solo title, a new Iron Man game is currently in development as is a Black Panther game.

Iron Man Flying Over Canyons

But Paquette emphasises that, above all, listening to players’ desires will guide their decisions. This commitment to community feedback is admirable and should produce positive results.

While merely speculative now, the stars seem aligned for Venom to headline his own Insomniac experience someday. But Spider-Man 2’s reception comes first. Then the team can determine if fan demand compels manifesting this ambitious project.

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