The Last of Us Demo Cheats Revealed

After the release of the single-player demo for The Last of US, a glitch has appeared in which gamers can exploit to gain extra access to new content. This additional content, isn’t available whilst playing the game normally.

Naughty Dog’s survival horror is to be launched on June 14thfor the PlayStation 3, and gamers can’t wait to see just how good the highly anticipated title is going to be.

Starting yesterday, the God of War: Ascension owners were given access to download a play an exclusive The Last of Us single-player demo.

The Last of US Demo

The Last of US Demo

YouTube community user (RajmanGamingHD) uploaded a video that showcases a glitch towards the end of the demo in which players can find a brand new segment that’s playable. This fault or bug shouldn’t normally be available to play, but that’s not going to stop gamers in a hurry.

When killing all the enemies off towards the end of the demo, you simply have to pause the game, and then restart that specific scene all over again to gain access to the extra content. Check out the video that showcases the cheats below.

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