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Crysis 3 PC Patch Now Live

Crytek have (today) released a new patch 1.2 for Crysis 3 on the Windows PC to fix in-game faults. They also confirmed that they’ll be bringing out a data patch C component across all major platforms shortly. This upcoming update will be downloaded automatically upon entering the multiplayer mode.

Here is the full list of exactly what the 1.2 patch will do for Crysis 3 PC owners once initiated.

The PC Patch 1.2 Fixes

  1. The non-default controls for the weapon customization have been fixed.
  2. Graphic driver crashes will be no more.
  3. With underwater fog, the shadering issue has been fixed.
  4. The dog tags award after-match will now load the profiles correctly.
  5. The issues surrounding the binding of non-default vehicle controls has now been fixed.
  6. The particle shader which has been causing broken shading and black squares to appear on certain graphics cards has now been resolved.

Data Patch C Info

  1. An increased chance of local sessions to be found on PS3 and Xbox 360.
  2. The Jackal fire rate will be decreased slightly.
  3. The Laser sight effectiveness will be reduced slightly too.
  4. The Jackal per pellet damage fall off will be increased.
  5. Muzzle Brake and Foregrip effectiveness shall be reduced slightly.
  6. The developers choice playlist will be updated to a new game mode variation.
  7. In certain zoom modes, the takedowns spread will not be escalated to quickly.
  8. FY71/SCAR damage fall off is to be increased in a bid to reduce their overall effective range.

We’ll have more news on any further updates or downloadable content released for Crysis 3 as soon as we get it.

Crysis 3 patch 1.2
Crysis 3 patch 1.2


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