Amazon US Pulls The Plug on SimCity

SimCity Amazon

Electronic Arts will not be happy to learn that Amazon has officially resorted to taking down the city-building simulation game off of their US section of the site. The reason is the constant complaints about the title and consistent negative reviews from angry buyers.

The SimCity game was launched in North America just a couple of days ago and has since been consistently slow for gamers. Download speeds have taken far too long leaving numerous fans fuming. We’ve been covering this story for a couple of days now, and things have just got a whole lot worse for EA after this revelation tonight.

The problem with having issues as soon as the video game is released, is the first destination gamers will go is Amazon. The negativity has just proved too much for the online retailer and now they’ve had to pull the plug on SimCity in the US.

This decision comes just after Electronic Arts acted rather quickly to add more servers to support the title. This however seems to be too late for the online retail giant who want no more involvement with the strategy game.

The European version comes out in just under half an hours time, EA will hope that this type of impact does not repeat itself once again.

SimCity Amazon
SimCity Amazon

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