Xbox 360 Patch Update For Aliens Colonial Marines Released

Aliens Colonial Marines Update

A new patch update has been released by Gearbox Software for Aliens: Colonial Marines on the Xbox 360 console. The update will have a significant effect on the errors and glitches found in the single player campaign and multiplayer modes.

The patch update will arrive on the PlayStation 3 and Windows PC in the near future, but Gearbox Software failed to provide an exact release date for them. A full list of what benefits players will get from this latest update can be seen below.

General Gameplay Fixes

  1. A marine player with invincibility has been fixed.
  2. The issue where co-op players revival does not work in some cases has been fixed.
  3. In the Firing Range bonus content, the bug that was impacting voice-overs has been fixed.
  4. Players will now be able to spawn into a level properly.
  5. The general user interface has had significant improvements.
  6. Players will no longer walk off the edge of maps anymore.
  7. The interactive objects will no longer be displayed in a different way in co-op/multiplayer.
  8. The achievements will now be unlockable without any issues.
  9. The localized text will now be displayed properly.
  10. Ripley’s Flamethrower won’t carry on firing after the player has stopped pressing the fire button.
  11. All of the ammunition will now be highlighted so players can see properly.

The Versus Fixes

  1. A brand new Xeno appearance customization has been added.
  2. Every result and statistic will now be correct.
  3. Fixed the auto-balance in between rounds within multiplayer teams.
  4. The multiplayer scoreboard will not glitch upon opening it.
  5. Upon loading a brand new match, a map will no longer randomly appear anymore.
  6. Whilst in the lobby, players switching profiles will now be taken to the title screen.

The Campaign Mode Fixes

  1. Bella and Reid will no longer spawn at the entirely wrong point in No Hope in Hadley’s.
  2. co-op players will no longer warp improperly.
  3. NPC characters will now navigate to their main objectives.
  4. Safeguards have been added accordingly.

That is the full list of all the major updates that Xbox 360 gamers will get with this patch for Aliens: Colonial Marines. Check back to see when the PS3 and PC updates happen. We’ll have all the info you’ll need for them on here as soon as they are released by Sega.

Aliens Colonial Marines Update
Aliens Colonial Marines Xbox 360 Update

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