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Tomb Raider Glitches & Bugs Fix Coming

GeForce have announced that they are well aware of all the glitches and bugs that have surrounded the Tomb Raider game. They have said that they are working closely with Crystal Dynamics to address all the problems occurring.

The stability and performance will be corrected accordingly and they plan to do this as quickly as they possibly can. The PC version seems to be the one that is having the most problems at the moment. Many gamers have decided to vent their anger on social media websites about the issues.

The console version seem reasonably okay compared to the Windows PC version. Although, many glitches seem to appear on the console version aswell. Lara Croft can be seen flying in certain levels of the game. Also, other glitches that occur are Lara ice skating, unlimited chickens everywhere and enemies that have half a dead corpse.

The official GeForce forums have been increasingly busy aswell, with gamers posting threads on all the issues they’ve encountered whilst playing the game.

We’ll post an article on this story as soon as it develops more and GeForce have addressed all the in-game problems.

Tomb Raider Glitch
Tomb Raider Glitch

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