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Tomb Raider PC Patch 1.0.718.4 Released

Square Enix and EIDOS have revealed a new 1.0.718.4 patch for the PC version of Tomb Raider. The patch will resolve numerous amounts of issues and bugs that have been consistent in the game. The issues were not only found after the game was released, but also prior to the big launch aswell.

The full details of all the fixes for the PC patch can be seen below so players know what’s going to be fixed.

  • Players will now be able to use the exclusive fill screen option.
  • There will now be better support for gamepad/mouse inversion for aiming, as well as an improvement for x-axis inversion too.
  • Start up and stability issues have been addressed on machines which have both NVIDIA and Intel graphics hardware on them.
  • General small bug fixes.
  • TressFX hair rendering has been considerably improved.
  • The benchmark mode and benchmark scene errors have now been fixed.
  • In the boat in the beach area, players will now be able to progress without any problems.
  • General in game glitches have been addressed.

That is the full list of all the errors that have had work done to them for this PC patch for Tomb Raider. The update will be applied by steam when players start the game automatically.

Tomb Raider PC Patch
Tomb Raider PC Patch

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