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Aliens: Colonial Marines Season Pass Bundle Pack

The game is not even out yet, but already Sega have revealed that there will be a Aliens: Colonial Marines season pass bundle and upcoming downloadable content.

The first add-on to be released will be called (Bug Hunt) and will feature three new maps that will be based on the actual Alien movies. Players will have to fight off hundreds of enemy attacks in a multiplayer mode. Bug Hunt will be available as a new DLC for the game in March.

All of the Aliens: Colonial Marines add-ons can be purchased separately, but if you buy the season bundle pass you can get them at the cost of 2400 MS points or £18.99 in cash. You will be able to buy the season pass through Xbox Live once the game is out and through PSN also.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will be in retails stores and out to the general public on February 12th for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Aliens Colonial Marines
Aliens: Colonial Marines


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