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PS4 Exclusive Content

Sony Gain 21 Publishers For Exclusive PlayStation 4 Content

SCE America were at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas this weekend providing a presentation that would please all you hardcore PlayStation fans. They unveiled a list of 21 publishers that have committed to providing Sony’s next-gen console with exclusive content on their video games. This comes just after the Xbox One got quite a few […]

Football Manager 2014

New Football Manager 2014 Match Engine Footage

Sega have released their first official video for Football Manager 2014, and it’s footage that showcases the match engine that’s going to be used in the upcoming footie simulator. You can view it below: The newest edition to the long-running series was officially announced last week, and it’s being hyped up as “the most feature-packed […]

Aliens Colonial Marines Sega

Aliens: Colonial Marines Has Sold 1.31 Million Units

Publisher Sega, have posted their annual financial results in terms of overall sales and Aliens: Colonial Marines made 1.31 million in the biggest surprise from the lot. Sega’s other titles varied, with Yakuza 5 having sold 590k in Japan and evergreen Football Manager selling close to a million with 940K. The exclusive London 2012 Olympics […]


Sega Promise More Great Wii U Titles Are On The Way

After the not so shocking cancellation of an Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U version, Sega have spoken out about the situation. They’ve promised gamers that they have every intention of expanding their horizons on the Nintendo Wii U console. It was earlier this week that the news came out about Sega deciding to cancel the […]

Aliens Colonial Marines Wii U

Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U Version Cancelled

Sega have announced that their sci-fi shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines will not be released on the Nintendo Wii U. There has been a long silence over the past few months with Sega not denying nor confirming a Wii U version. Now though, they’ve said that a Wii U version will not go ahead after all. […]

The Big Blue Game

Ecco The Dolphin Reboot in The Works

It’s been over 20 years since the original Ecco The Dolphin hit our screens on the old Sega Megadrive. Now, video games developers (Kickstarter) plan to bring the sea adventure fun loving game back with a bang. The popular ocean exploring game was played by many gamers in the early days when the Sega Megadrive […]

Company of Heroes 2 European Release Date

Today Sega have revealed the European and North American release date for the real-time strategy game Company of Heroes 2. The developers (Relic Entertainment) had taken over the role of developing the game from previous developers THQ. The game was supposed to be available around about this sort of time of the year. However, due […]

Sega Website Teases Possible New Game

According to reports on some of the other gaming news websites, Sega have launched a brand new website. Many of the news sources are saying that it is Sega that have set up the domain name, but we beg to differ. Let’s face it, anybody can set up a website domain name and name it […]

The Cave Release Date Set

Sega’s latest game (The Cave) which is a co production with Double Fine get a release date of January 22nd in the US and then released in Europe on the 23rd January 2013. The Cave is a unique adventure game which has seven main characters who each have their very own individual personalities . They […]