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New Aliens: Colonial Marines Patch Update Out Now

aliens colonial marines patch update

Since it’s release, Aliens: Colonial Marines has not gone down to well with the franchises fans at all. Constant errors and really poor quality has given the once hugely anticipated game a bad name. Gearbox Software have released a new patch update however, for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

There’s considerable improvements upon the download of this latest patch, and we have some of the details. Most of the solid improvements have come through from the successful PC patch that was released this week. Check out some of the benefits that you will get from the latest update.


  • Crusher pick-ups will from now on appear correctly.
  • All of the multiplayer challenges will now unlock successfully for all of the characters.
  • The Lurker Pounce Challenge duration has been increased by 15-20 seconds.

General All Round Fixes

  • Your saved data will be fully protected with added safeguards.
  • General miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • The aim assist has been adjusted to improve player input.
  • When a player backs out of a party, the player’s level will now appear correct.
  • All of the scenarios where players could spawn without having a weapon has now been addressed.
  • At the end of some of the cut-scenes, the audio will now play to it’s full capacity and not cut out.
  • Xeno death animation will now be on time when the killer blow is carried out.
  • The Smart Gun animation will track all of it’s targets correctly from now on.

Campaign Bug Fixes

  • When players are downed in a Power Loader, they will no longer bleed out instantly.
  • The friendly and enemy AI have been considerably tweaked so that they will come across as being more aggressive overall.
  • The enemy collision detection has been fixed.

As soon as you start up your console and go into the game, the download should start and update it with this new patch. You must be connected to the Internet though for this to take immediate effect.

aliens colonial marines patch update
Aliens Colonial Marines patch update

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