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Redbox Instant Streaming App Arrives on Xbox Live

Redbox Instant

Microsoft have have revealed a totally new service that will be available on Xbox Live now. Redbox Instant which is by Verizon, will let you rent or buy DVD or Blu-Ray titles through Xbox Live.

If you subscribe to their service, you’ll get a one month free trial to test the service out to see if it is to your liking. Upon taking up the offer of using their free trial, you will also receive free credits to use at Redbox locations.

Subscribers can even reserve all of their favourite movie titles directly via their Xbox 360 console, to when they appear in the Redbox machine. You can download movies to your Xbox 360, buy them digitally, or rent them digitally.

You can even check out all the reviews that the specific movie you look at has and by real users. The whole concept is taken by LoveFilm and if you have used Amazon’s partner site, then you’ll be comfortable. There’s also a recommendation from Redbox every time after you view a movie.

What are your thoughts on Redbox? Will you be getting the Redbox Instant service for your movie needs?

Redbox Instant
Redbox Instant

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